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Lost everything in my block on new download

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Re: Lost everything in my block on new download

Postby DanielRavenNest ID:DanielRa » Fri Dec 24, 2010 9:24 pm

ac17481ca735151d8255db43c42d4051 ID:ac17481c wrote:I'm guessing they're not wanting us to encrypt stuff before sending it upstream to their QA process.

That's not a problem. When we upload clothing or furniture, there are merely zipped, and not encrypted. They get converted to encrypted .pak files by AR before being delivered to players. So all we need to do is use the existing process, and deliver the assets to *developers* instead. We know the developer-side editors can read encrypted .pak files, since some of the top level ones in the developer directory are. When a city gets uploaded for QA, they can then check if any third party assets included were bought through the system. That would put another roadblock to content theft - you can copy the files all you like, but you can't use it anywhere it has not been paid for.
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Re: Lost everything in my block on new download

Postby magnolia ID:magnolia » Mon Jan 10, 2011 5:01 pm

NCARalph ID:NCARalph wrote:Upon further investigation, it seems that the Company.Common contents isn't distributed with the bld files anyway. Am I missing something here? How are City developers going to distribute new contents for use by their Block Developers?
Surely the plan isn't that City Developers will just send around zip files with code source, texture files, cgf files etc. That would prevent any kind of developer to developer commerce where independent developers could sell content to City Developers such as scripted entities.

It is currently possible to export encrypted common city data (<Company>_Common.pak) from the City Editor, via the command: BlueMars > Export > Export Common PAK.
We plan to allow city developers to upload this encrypted pak file, and we plan to allow Block developers to download it from the DevMyPage. Thanks for raising the issue.

Also, if city developers do want to distribute common city data (unencrypted) to Block developers, they would use the common .cty file and pass it outside of our system via email, ftp, etc. The unencrypted common city data file (<Company>_Common.cty) is created in the City Editor via BlueMars > Export > Export Common CTY.
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