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MD600N Helicopter - I Want To Fly It!

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Re: MD600N Helicopter - I Want To Fly It!

Postby magnolia ID:magnolia » Mon Nov 15, 2010 12:02 pm

0ne ID:0ne wrote:magnolia,

Thanks for updating the wiki with the XBOX control keys. I haven't gotten around to playing with them all, but I did try a quick test with xi_thumbly and xi_thumbl_up and didn't get it to work with my joystick. I don't know yet how the client works regarding controller detection. I am assuming regular joysticks such as the Saitek ST290PRO wouldn't work, but only XBOX controllers?

I'll play around with it more.

Yes those are specifically for Xbox controllers. The joystick I used in the past allowed mapping keyboard keys to the different directions & buttons. Did you try setting your actions up for the keyboard (WASD/arrows) and externally mapping those keys to the joystick?
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Re: MD600N Helicopter - I Want To Fly It!

Postby GeneticDrift ID:GeneticD » Fri Nov 19, 2010 10:41 pm

Following this with excitement :D , as a BM user, a flightsim fan and someone with a general interest in game physics and the physics of flight. Already looking atleast on par and even better than many semi-realistic FPS that have vehicles.

I see you are toying with implementing some sort of autorotation lift force.
Perhaps it would be possible to also add some sort of "Wing in ground effect" and increase the lift when the helicopter is close to the heightmap.
Maybe even some transitional lift. Could increase the lift a bit with forward air speed. I will stick a link here even if you are more familiar with it than me

Not sure how possible that is and its easy for me to say it.
Keep up the good work, I really want to fly it :mrgreen: .
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