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Blue Mars Developer Rules of Conduct

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Blue Mars Developer Rules of Conduct

Postby Scott ID:Scott » Tue Jun 01, 2010 3:00 pm

Forum Rules of Conduct
Updated 08/10/2009

The purpose of our Blue Mars Developer forum is to provide a place for users to communicate about all things related to Blue Mars Online. This forum is for discussing issues related to Blue Mars. Therefore, discussion should be kept on-topic, and focused on the issue, rather than attacking an individual or an organization.

Every user is expected to read, understand, respect, and follow the Rules of Conduct listed below.

Rule #1

No flaming fellow posters, Avatar Reality, or its employees. “Flaming” means personally insulting. You are welcome to criticize our decisions. For example, it’s fine to say, “You should have made your menus red!” But you are not welcome to say, “You are idiots for not making your menus red.” If you disagree with something posted on the forum, please address the concept of what s/he said and focus your response on the topic of discussion rather than attacking the speaker.

Rule #2
No trolling. "Trolling" means making comments deliberately designed to encourage flamers. For example, you are welcome to say, “Blue Mars looks great.” You are not welcome to say, “Anyone who likes the graphics in Blue Mars is an idiot.”

Rule #3
The following subjects, comments, or posts are not allowed.

-Sexually inappropriate comments
-Hack-related posts
-Violent comments
-Malicious comments
-Discriminatory comments of any kind
-Impersonation of an Avatar Reality staff member or any another user
-Advertisement posts
-Promotions of other websites (This does not include fansites.)
-Slander or Rumors
-Off-topic comments
-Inappropriate forum name or topic

Posts in violation of the rules above will result in the post being deleted. Repeated abuse will result in the permanent banning of your account.

By using this forum, you agree that you have read and understand these rules, and that you agree to abide by the forum rules.

Users remain solely responsible for the posts that they make, Avatar Reality Inc. does not endorse, sponsor, or support comments made by any non staff member post in any way. While we will strive to monitor and take down offensive or inappropriate posts within a reasonable time, please understand that this is a timely and manual process. With real-time posts potentially popping up every second, it would be impossibly difficult to review every post as soon as it comes up. Avatar Reality also reserves the right to delete any message for any reason whatsoever, and the player agrees to hold Avatar Reality harmless with regards to any modifications of the account whatsoever. Further rules, restrictions, or codes of conduct may be added to the forum later. Please stay updated with regards to our Rules of Conduct.

Thank you for your cooperation.
-Avatar Reality
Blue Mars Online Staff
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