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New Member Questions

Post new member questions or tips here. This is for general information about Blue Mars.

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Re: New Member Questions

Postby Mifs Stockson » Sun Nov 27, 2011 1:40 pm

NyaNya wrote:What's New on Blue Mars!


This is my first time being here on Blue Mars. Having said that I did come from SL (which I left within 10 minutes of joining) simply due to the amount of shuffling one receives before they are able to step foot in the door. Hopefully Blue Mars is a more inviting and friendlier experience as a virtual environment/tool that offers more options and a stronger server.

I also see Blue Mars features the CryEngine which has shown impressive visual graphics on the level of video-game development.

Are there any places recommended for newbies?

Well I am new here to, and did also leave SL for about 1 year ago, got tired of the same non progressing graphics :)
Hope BM is better, even its new I hope for it to get more in as time goes.

Mifs Stockson

Re: New Member Questions

Postby Candice » Fri Jan 20, 2012 4:59 pm

Try the Welcome area, there might be someone around to talk to.
The graphics are great but there is hardly anyone around. If you are too impatient to learn a new game I doubt you will find one you like. I prefer Second Life.

Have fun,

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