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Blue Mars Lite and dissipointing state of the "world"

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Blue Mars Lite and dissipointing state of the "world"

Postby Evenios » Sat Jul 28, 2012 12:36 am

I am sorry to say this but i really think Blue Mars light is a Joke. I thought it would be a web based 3d way to access some of the blue Mars Worlds, instead its nothing more then a wrap around for google street view and being able to use your avatars in it... What in the world? if you click down the street in a view your avatar is shown walking down the road but then when the "view" changes hes shown back at the bottom of the screen. It just feels awkward and in my opinion a very lame program.

I am not very impressed with the direction of Blue Mars at the moment. It seemed interesting at first but it seems the project has not nearly had the amount of users they were hoping for. I think it was created as some sort of Second Lie competition but it really falls short. Graphics are nice but i notice quite a few bugs, the interface is so so, navigation is clunky at best. There is no private instant messaging yet..

I really think that Blue Mars Lite should have never been makes the whole thing feel like a "joke" and anyone who dont know much about blue mars and comes to the site and downloads blue mars light only to find out what it really is.....(or lack thereof) will be confused and think that is all Blue mars is , further causing people to not want to explore the world.

Another problem i think is that Blue mars is going the mistake of Activeworlds by having several "worlds" instead of focusing on one main "World" and expanding upon it. This will often make areas feel empty because only a few players will be at an area at a given time.

I like the concept videos and ideas when Blue Mars first came out. But i am sorry given its current progress (and the fact that it kind of requires a higher end PC then programs like say Second Life does).

and the personally in my opinion quite lame creation of Blue Mars "Lite" which is NOTHING like the real thing.......

It would be really , really nice to see someone come along and create a virtual world that rivals that of Second Life, but i just dont see this happening with Blue Mars...ever.

In my opinion it needs a whole new development team , a new UI, and navgation team as well. and besides no one is going to pay real money for a virtual world where no one really goes to .

Look at the forums not many posts. and not all that many people in the worlds last time i checked.

I dont understand why big name companies perhaps those who have done MMOS cant branch out with the resources to make a real alternative to Second Life that WORKS.

This project is nice but it needs a lot of work (and exposure) to really be successful.

and for the love of all things.....please just kill Blue Mars Lite... it will only cause confusion of the concept and is just not very good at all.

Re: Blue Mars Lite and dissipointing state of the "world"

Postby Anonyme20 » Thu Aug 23, 2012 5:03 pm

Thank you so much! I felt exactly the same thing, I just created my account and honestly when I saw the other videos on youtube I was really excited. When I went back and I saw that there was only maps of "Google map" I was very disappointed. Crap!

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