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|Blue Mars Improvement| (PLEASE READ)

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|Blue Mars Improvement| (PLEASE READ)

Postby Claire Londer » Sun Apr 01, 2012 7:36 am

I think that the game could be more easier for everyone, we need easier maps, not these downloading ones, in second life all you have to do is click teleport, and POOF, you appear in the place, in Blue Mars it takes hours to download a map, and you don't see anyone when you arrive in the place, the game is almost dead, nobody else is coming until you guys do some good changes on it.

I'm saying that because i think this game still has a chance to improve.

And why the creation tools are so fu************ difficult?

In Second Life all you have to do is press the upload button above the screen and bring your mesh or whatever to the game.

The prices are too high too.

I mean, its not that hard to make the game better.

Many ppl will stick to second life or other games if Blue Mars wont change this basic things.
Claire Londer

Re: |Blue Mars Improvement| (PLEASE READ)

Postby Jtrack » Thu Apr 19, 2012 4:49 am

Second Life competitor Blue Mars drops PC development for Apple's iOS

I don't know why people keep posting complaints about the state of this platform and requesting changes - stay informed people, the company behind Blue Mars - Avatar Reality, dropped development on the Blue Mars PC platform last year. Blue Mars is what it is, it's not likely that it will ever evolve from its current state... there will be no further development on the PC platform and it's basically dead in terms of users, only a few users login to check out some interesting creations and a die hard group of developer types still use it for learning, testing and creative gratification.

READ AND LEARN: ... for-apple/ ... nt-page-1/

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