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BM Mobile Suggestions

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BM Mobile Suggestions

Postby Arzach ID:Arzach » Mon Jul 11, 2011 3:13 pm


i try bm mobile with ipod touch, its nice and i have some suggestions about bm mobile.

programable outfit set needed. i think we need a ''make set'' buton for our favorite outfit combinations to one click wear. its boring choose every parts of cloths when i will wear it again. one click to set buton and will wear on avatar all parts in the set.

augmented reality is nice but i couldnt find where is walk cycle animation or run cycle also. we can use AR mobile to make some little animation movies if you can add programable animations. i wanna add some animations to an icon and avatar will animate all animations in the set automaticly. (please let me know how can i walk cycle when AR turn on?) any of my own animationms are possible to run with AR too?

AR cam need to turn horizontal. why AR cam only use vertical direction?
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