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Importing Static Items from Autodesk 3ds Max 2009 to use in Blue Mars

  • Example uses the 2009 version of 3ds Max, the steps in this turotial should be nearly the same in all versions.
  • The first thing you will need to get is the OpenCollada 3ds Max plugin (http://opencollada.org/download.html)
  • With that installed and ready to go, there are a few things you need to check in 3ds max to ensure your model will be imported properly.

  • Open up 3ds Max and under Customize / Units setup youll want to ensure that you are using Metric / Centimeters.
  • Now click System Unit Setup and change the system unit scale to centimeters as well. You will want to keep in mind that if you already have your model loaded into 3ds Max, and the units were not set as centimeters you will have to restart the program and change the units BEFORE you load your model, changing units mid-way will cause problems.

  • With your units set up correctly, go ahead and load/create a model that you will want to use in 3ds Max.
  • With your model complete, select everything in your 3ds max scene (If your model is more than one object) and under the hierarchy tab, click Affect Pivot Only, move down to your X/Y/Z coordinates and change all the values to 0. For models to import correctly you need to ensure that the pivot point of all objects are at 0
  • Next, you are going to want to reset your transforms and scales, this is also found under the hierarchy tab under the adjust transform tab simply click both buttons with your model selected.

  • Now, under the Utilities tab, select Reset XForm / Reset Selected to reset the Xform of your model.
  • With all that complete its time to export your model out. File / Export and you will want to create a folder under your MyData Directory to use later for bluemars.
    • (By Default C:\Program Files\Blue Mars City Developer Tools\Game\Objects\MyData\
           C:\Program Files (x86)\Blue Mars City Developer Tools\Game\Objects\MyData\)
  • Make sure you save the file as an OpenCollada .dae, and not autodesk .dae
  • On the next screen that pops up, your going to want to check off Bake Matrices, Relative Path, Normals and Triangulate only.
  • That should be it for 3ds Max, make sure you copy over and textures your going to use in the same folder you just exported the .dae to.
  • Now fire up the Blue Mars Item Editor, File / Open, and select your .dae file (By default it will look for .cgf, change that to .dae)
  • From here, simply click Convert, accept the overwrite and once the file is generated, Load.
    • (Uncheck the auto-proxy box if youve created your own proxy in 3ds max otherwise a generic square proxy will be made for you)
  • Now currently, the dolphin is a bit shiny, so go to View / Open view Pane / Material Editor (Or simply click M) and this will bring out the options for each different material you have assigned
  • Play around with this editor untill you are satisfied with your final result, and that's it. You've successfully imported your first item for use in Blue Mars.
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