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This is an Avatar Reality Utilities function.


ARDebugMessage(text, timeout)
displays text on the screen for timeout seconds
text - string message to display
timeout - optional - defaults to five seconds


Normally you will use the HUD to display nice messages, but for convenient on-screen debug messages you can use this function, or your own custom version. This function will display the text on screen and gradually fade out, and also log the message to the log file, but only if the log_Verbosity console variable is set to 1 or greater, either via the console or using the ARDebug function.


This function uses System.GetCVar to check the value of log_Verbosity and then calls CryAction.Persistant2DText to display the message and System.Log to save the message in the log file.

function ARDebugMessage(text,timeout)
	if (System.GetCVar("log_Verbosity")>0) then
		if (timeout == nil) then
			timeout = 5.0;
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