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The ARFillLight entity is a lightweight point light which can be used to replace ARSpotLight in order to put more lights in the level. The ARFillLight is rendered with deferred lighting algorithm and has some limitations described below.


In the CityEditor, drag the ARFillLight entity into the level, found in the Rollup Bar Entity Browser under Lights>AR


  • Active - default true, activate/deactivate the light
  • Radius - default 10, specifies the radius in which the light affects
  • DiffuseMultiplier - default 1, multiplies the diffuse color to make the light brighter
  • HDRDynamic - default 0, amplifies the dynamic range for HDR rendering
  • SpecularMultiplier - default 1, multiplies the specular color to make the light brighter
  • LightStyle - default 0, specifies the type of light blinking.



  • The ARFillLight doesn't affect transparent objects.
  • The brightness of illuminated surface is calculated only based on the distance between the surface and the light position. Back faces of the lit object might be brightened since the surface normal doesn't affect the calculation.


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