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This is an Avatar Reality Utilities function.


mouse selection on terrain
return value - vector position of selected point on the terrain


The selection is vertically a bit off when used in the Editor. Should be fine in the Blue Mars client.


This function passes to ARMousePick the arguments appropriate for ray intersection on terrain and then returns the resulting position, if any.

function ARMousePickTerrain()
   local count = ARMousePick(ent_terrain,rwi_stop_at_pierceable+rwi_colltype_any,1);
   if (count>0) then
      return g_HitTable[1].pos;

g_HitTable is a protected variable, so if you want more information from the hit results table, e.g. the intersection normal, you'll need to write our own version calling Physics.RayWorldIntersectionAR, like this:

terrainHitTable = {}

function TerrainMousePick()
   local uix,uiy = System.GetWindowMouse();
   if HUD.IsMaskedByFlash(uix,uiy) then
      return 0; -- not hits if blocked by Flash
   local width,height = System.GetScreenSize();
   local s= {x=uix,y=height-uiy,z=1.0};
   local p=System.UnprojectFromScreen(s);
   local vSrc=System.GetViewCameraPos();
   local vDir = DifferenceVectors(p,vSrc);
   return Physics.RayWorldIntersectionAR(vSrc,vDir,1,ent_terrain,rwi_stop_at_pierceable+rwi_colltype_any,nil,terrainHitTable);
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