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Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers regarding asset creation in Blue Mars.


What is a Blue Mars asset?

An asset is a general term for an item that a player can possess and control on Blue Mars. Most often asset will refer to a cloth item, such as a blouse, T-shirt, pants, a pair of shoes, et cetera. Other examples of assets are: hair, jewelry, sun-glasses, and other wearables. Furniture items are also assets, that players can use inside their residences on Blue Mars(apartments or single-family homes). All assets are created and uploaded to Blue Mars using a family of Sandbox Editors: Item, Cloth, Body, Animation Edtiors, that are provided with the Blue Mars City Developers Toolkit.

How can I navigate in Sandbox Editors?

The basic navigation controls are common for all asset creation Editors (Item, Cloth, Body, Animation, Furniture, Interior). The are listed on this page.

How can I avoid dramatic color changes in models, after uploading them to Blue Mars?

Sometimes, objects appear differently on Blue Mars, from what they looked in Editors. This is due to different lighting and rendering settings. Some tips how to minimize these rendering discrepancies, are summarized here.

How can I avoid surface/skin penetration when creating custom cloth and other wearable attachments?

Please read this topic in the Cloth Editor Help page. These guidelines were collected from many cloth designers, who kindly shared their experience (many thanks!) and from Avatar Reality artists as well. Some of these techniques are illustrated in this video-tutorial. The narration script is here: File:2010 cloth tutorial voice narration script.doc

What is the meaning of ... error message from Cloth Editor?

Error messages are explained on Cloth Editor wiki pages.

How strict is quality control on Blue Mars?

Please read Blue Mars Quality Submission Guidelines page, which covers quality control requirements for most types of assets: cloth, body, animation. Legal issues about use of copyrighted material are described here.

Are there limitations on the amount of data that can be uploaded as a single asset?

Yes, they are listed on the Technical Limitations page.

Why can't I see my Detail Map textures in the Editors?

You need to set your Editors' render settings to Very High for the Detail Maps to be activated.

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