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Right-clicking on an Avatar will open a menu giving you information about that player and giving you access to interacting with that avatar.

There are three levels of interaction:

  • Action buttons - These are placed on the left hand side of the menu and are always present while the menu is open.
  • Category Tabs - These change what information is displayed in the menu window.
  • Sub-Tabs - Some Tabs may contain sub-tabs that allow you to change the data displayed in the tab.

Your Avatar

When you right-click on your own avatar in-world, you will get a special menu allowing you to change a number of settings regarding your avatar.


Action Buttons

The action buttons for your avatar menu are designed to allow quick access to many of the most commonly used functions in the game.

  • image:Client_RightClickMenu_Favorite.jpg Go To Favorite City - Immediately transports you to your favorite city. Choose your favorite city by typing the city name in your profile menu's Favorite City category.
  • image:Client_RightClickMenu_Emote.jpg Emote - Pops up a new dialog with a drop down list of emotes to choose from. Select the emote and click Continue to perform the animation or Cancel to close the pop up without performing the animation.
  • image:Client_RightClickMenu_BuyBLU.jpg Buy BLU - Loads the Buy BLU form for purchasing more Blue Mars currency.
  • image:Client_RightClickMenu_Events.jpg Events - Opens the Blue Mars community Events page in your web browser.
  • image: Client_RightClickMenu_Bug.jpg Report Bug - Opens the Blue Mars helpdesk page in your web browser.

Category Tabs

The category tabs open menus for managing your avatar's profile and residences.

Profile Menu

The profile menu contains items that display information about your avatar for you to edit and other users to view. After editing this menu, click the Save Profile button at the bottom of the window to preserve the changes, or close the menu to restore the items to their previous values.
Visibility radio button - Profile menu items with this button on the right side can be displayed or hidden from other users. If the radio button is unmarked, then other users will not see this item when they right-click your avatar.

  • Hide-able items:
    • Dislikes
    • Mood
    • Favorite City
    • Likes
    • Other Virtual Worlds
    • Languages
    • Relationship Status
    • About Me
  • Non hide-able items:
    • Username
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Gender
  • Non editable items:
    • Username
    • Gender

Residences Menu


The Residences menu displays Residences you own or the ones in which you are allowed access. Residences are displayed as sub-tabs at the bottom of the right-click window. Selecting a sub-tab will update the Residences menu with information about that Residence.

  • Access List - Displays the roommates for the currently selected Residence. When you hover over a friend on the access list an x will appear next to their name, which allows you to delete them from the list.
    • image:Client_RightClickMenu_Residence_Lock.jpg Lock icon - When unlocked, anyone can enter your Residence. When locked only the owner (you) and people on the access list can enter the Residence.
    • image:Client_RightClickMenu_Residence_AddFriend.jpg People icon - Opens the Friends List to drag and drop people onto the access list.
  • Residence data panel - Displays information about the currently selected Residence sub-tab, such as the name, City where it's located, number of roommates allowed, rent due date and rent amount.
    • Pay Rent - Will pay one month's worth of rent, in the event that you did not have enough BLU$ in your User account when the automatic lease payment occurred. This will only be visible if you are the owner of the Residence.
    • Terminate Lease - Cancels your lease on the Residence. This will only be visible if you are the owner of the Residence.

Other Avatars

When you right-click another user's avatar in-world, you will see a special menu for that user.


Other Avatar's Action Buttons

The action buttons displayed on another user's right-click menu allow you to perform various operations with the user.

  • image:Client_RightClickMenu_Interact.jpg Interact - Opens a pop-up dialog for performing animations with that user. Select the animation to perform in the drop-down menu. The other user is prompted with a request to perform that animation, and the action is completed only if that user accepts.
  • image:Client_RightClickMenu_PM.jpg Private Message - Adds a private message tab to the chat window for sending messages that are only visible to yourself and that user.
  • image:Client_RightClickMenu_AddFriend.jpg Add Friend - Prompts the user with a friend request. If they accept, then they will be added to your Friends List and yourself to theirs.
  • image:Client_RightClickMenu_Mute.jpg Mute - Blocks all incoming messages from that user.
  • image:Client_RightClickMenu_Report.jpg Report User - Opens the Blue Mars Help Desk page in your web browser. Before reporting a user, please be sure to read the Rules Of Conduct (section 10) in the Blue Mars Terms Of Service.

Other Avatar's Category Tabs

Allows you to change the menus displayed in the user's right-click menu, but currently only contains a profile category tab.

Profile Menu

Displays information about the user. Some items may have been hidden or not filled out by that user. These list items are not viewable to others.

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