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Texturing your Terrain consists of two Textures:

1) Importing Terrain Textures (Base Texture)

2) Painting with RollupBar ->Terrain ->Layer Painter (Detail Texture)

The Terrain texture that you see is a combination of a Base Texture and a Detail Texture. The DetailLayersViewDistRatio allows you to control the relative viewing distance between the two Textures. The area outlined in red is the layer which was created by (RollupBar ->Terrain ->Layer Painter or (Detail Texture)) outside the outlined area is the layer created by (Importing Terrain Texture or (Base Texture)).

The DetailLayersViewDistRatio allows you to fade between the two Textures, the number one hundred will display 100% of the Detailed Texture and the number zero will display 100% of the Base Texture.

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