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Version 0.0.10521.0

Download links

Developer Toolkit

  • Latest Blue Mars City Developer Toolkit: is in "warm standby" state.

Previous Developer Toolkit Patches

User Client

  • Latest Blue Mars User Client. is in "warm standby" state.


Other Tools

Changes/Fixes since the 0.0.9782.0 (July 15, 2010) build

General Updates

  • Animation Editor has been added to the Developer Toolkit! See below for a description and documentation.
  • Source Control related menu items removed from the following
    • In the command line options
    • In City/Block Editor (under Preferences > General Settings)
    • In Material Editor (right-click menu):
      • Add To Source Control
      • Check Out
      • Check In
      • Undo Check Out
      • Get Latest Version
  • Console variables set via Lua API are now automatically restored to their original values upon going to a new level.

All Editors

  • When packing data for upload, automatic icon capture is now switched off, to prevent creation of non-descriptive snapshots that would cause the content to fail QA. Developers can now capture their own icon.jpg by using "Capture icon" command.
  • Use of non-power-of-two textures will now be prohibited for performance reasons.
    • In the editors, textures that have incorrect size (i.e. not in powers of two) are replaced with a "Bad Size" texture to indicate that they are the wrong size.
    • In the Client, non-power-of-two sized textures will still be supported to keep compatibility with existing data.

  • In the Material Editor, the Glow Amount controls under Material Settings have been moved to Lighting Settings, under Emissive Color.

  • Opacity map and subsurface scattering has been restored in the Material Editor.
  • POM (Parallax Occlusion Map) checkbox has been added to AR_Plaster shader, following the addition of the "Very High" quality setting in the User Client.
  • AR_Vegetation shader is no longer available from menu and has been replaced with AR_VegetationCustom.
    • The new AR_VegetationCustom shader will support Opacity texture. This shader will use the Custom slot instead of Opacity Map slot. Developers do not need to change existing materials which use the AR_Vegetation shader, however the Shader label will appear blank in the Material Editor. If a developer wishes to make use of this opacity feature in an existing material, simply change the Shader type to AR_VegetationCustom (the other settings have not changed, only opacity support). Materials created after this change will have the AR_VegetationCustom option in the Shader menu.

All Content Editors (Item/Cloth/Body/Shop/Furniture)

  • Default "Config Specs" set to "High" and HDR is turned on, matching default settings in Blue Mars client.
  • "Check in Blue Mars" command allows now to go straight to Previewer level in BM, bypassing the City Browser.
  • In Material Editor, "Surface Type" selector restricted to: mat_blank, mat_nodraw, mat_ar_forbidden(except for Furniture Editor, which has three more special types)
  • In the editor-specific menus (in the top menu bar, the 2nd group from the left like Cloth, Body etc.... ), a new command, Capture Icon has been added. Use this command to capture your own image icons. With this addition, the order of the commands have been rearranged slightly.
    • OLD:
      • Make
      • Check in BlueMars
      • Pack
      • Capture Icon
      • Upload
    • New:
      • Make
      • Pack
      • Capture Icon
      • Check in BlueMars
      • Upload
Reason: to preview billboards, which is a new feature for Body and Animation Editors, the "Pack" command must be called first, hence it appears before "Check" command.
  • Animated textures are now available for content editors when creating Materials (previously only available to City and Block Developers)
    • Animated texture file naming (example for a set of 4 sequential textures):
    • Example: If you have 4 sequential textures,
      • Write the following in the Texture Map slot of the Material Editor: sample_###001-004(1.5).dds
      • The textures will be displayed in order every 1.5 seconds.

Editor Updates

City Editor

  • Added BlueMars > Export > Export Common PAK command.
    • City Developers can use this command to export common data as a .PAK file and give it to Block Developers (via email or FTP).
    • Block Developers should put the .PAK file in the same location as their .BLD file. When they open the .BLD file in the Block Editor, the Editor will automatically open the .PAK file as common data.
  • Added a way to set boundaries in the AI navigation map created in the City Editor.
    • Enables you to easily limit the size of the map and also prevent 'sea' to be included in the map.
    • You can set boundaries in the Config menu.
    • To open the menu, select Mapping > Config... in Create AI Navigation Map window.
    • You can enter boundaries either by hand or from the bounding box of selected objects.
  • Generate surface texture dialog will now only display the resolution options that are available in your current level. To check the maximum resolution for your level, open the Terrain Layer Texture dialog by selecting Terrain > Export/Import Terrain Texture.
Image:generateSurfacetexture.jpg Image:terrainlayer.jpg


  • Added AR:Start flow node that is triggered when:
    • The player avatar is loaded for the first time in the level, or
    • The level is loaded if there is no player avatar (for Mini-game level for example), or
    • The preview mode is started in the Editor.
  • Environment:MoonDirection flow node is now included

AR Entities


  • New Time of Day API: ARVirtualWorld Time_of_Day
  • Bug fix related to loading debugger breakpoints for developer scripts
  • Console variables can be set via System.SetCVar, an alternate solution to using a level.cfg file. These values are automatically reset upon unloading and going to a new level.

Block Editor

Shop Editor

  • You can now choose to display or hide item names on the Shelf.
    • In the Shop Editor, select a Shelf and open the RollupBar. You can find the DisplayItemName checkbox in the Entity Properties panel.

  • The Shop Display Name, which is editable by Shop Owners, will now be displayed when you zoom out to overhead map view.
  • Max number of entities per for shop interiors expanded: 3 lights + 97 decorations + 250 shelves.
  • "File->Save scene" and "File->Load scene" menu commands for saving work in progress.
  • Direct access to object properties with rollup bar: shelves, lights, decorations.

Body Editor

  • "Check in Blue Mars" command now allows to preview body, cloth and billboard in BM client.
  • Added "Look at camera" animation playback option.

Furniture Editor

  • In the "Make Furniture" window, the checkbox Make stackable was removed, as this feature is obsolete.
  • When assembling the interior, individual attachment tags were removed, as this feature is obsolete.
  • In Material Editor, "Surface Type" selector is restricted to: mat_blank, mat_nodraw, mat_ar_forbidden, mat_ar_ceiling, mat_ar_floor, mat_ar_wall.
  • New "File->Save scene" and "File->Load scene" menu commands for saving work in progress.
  • Direct access to object properties with rollup bar.

Item Editor

  • Direct access to object properties via rollup bar, shortcut 'E' (for Edit.)

Cloth Editor

  • New illustrated guidelines for passing quality assurance checks, available from Cloth Editor wiki help page.
  • All female dress cages are updated to version 2.
  • Added "Select body" command for testing cloth with custom bodies.
  • New "Look at camera" animation playback option.

Animation Editor (NEW!)

  • The Animation Editor is a tool for converting animation files in Collada format into Blue Mars animation files that can be used for full-body and facial animations of avatars.
  • Please read the manual for details on using this editor.

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