Blue Mars Developer Toolkit Release Notes Dec 27 2011

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Download links

Developer Toolkit

  • Latest Blue Mars City Developer Toolkit: is in "warm standby" state.

Previous Developer Toolkit Patches

User Client

  • Latest Blue Mars User Client. is in "warm standby" state.


Other Tools

Changes/Fixes in this build

New Features

  • Two new clothing cages (Kimono_FuriSode and Kimono_TomeSode) and one new accesory cage (RigidObject) are available for use in the cloth editor.
  • ARWatchTogether entity has been added for use in cities.

Other Changes

  • We have removed ~20MB of unused textures from Game\textures\ar\Common. No existing cities or items should be affected by this change. However, you should verify future items and cities for submission with this version of the developer tools or later.

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