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Version 0.0.9652.0

Download links

Please download the latest Developer Toolkit from the Developer MyPage.

Changes/Fixes since the 0.0.9197.0 (June 8, 2010) build

General Updates

  • Item ID's of purchased items are now displayed in the INVENTORY page in the User MyPage.
  • fixed ARFlashObject audio issue caused by re-entering a city multiple times in a session

All Content Editors (Item/Cloth/Body/Shop/Furniture)

  • Tools > User commands > Screen capture takes full-size numbered screenshots
  • Tools > User commands > Icon capture takes 400x400 icon.jpg screenshot
  • Tools > User commands > Force visible sets material of the selected object to default material (2-sided, non-transparent, default texture)
  • Added Time-of-Day pane, which allows to import time of day settings for different cities, for viewing items under custom conditions
  • Check for 96 DPI settings on start-up
  • Mouse wheel zoom in City and Block Editors is now speed-sensitive.
  • Updated wiki Help pages, added tutorials on cloth/skin penetration issue, use of lighting

Editor Updates

City Editor

  • BlueMars > Export > Open CTY Upload Page... menu should open the Uploading Your City Wiki document.
  • Updated ARFlashObject Entity & documentation: ARFlashObject
    • Added Flowgraph "play" and "stop" input events
    • Added AutoPlay Property
    • Added the ability to specify a local .swf in the url Property
  • Updated ARElevator Entity. New properties, Flowgraph input/output & documentation: Elevator
  • Updated ARAvatarTrigger Entity:
    • Added TriggerOnce property
    • Fixed linked Area Shape in Preview Mode. (An Area Shape linked to ARAvatarTrigger now works the same in City Editor Preview Mode as it does in the client)
  • Lua API
    • New Lua API: ARVirtualWorld.GetAvatarData
    • New Lua API: ARWebUtils.DownloadFile (replaces Game.DownloadFile for most cases)
    • New Lua API: ARDownloadFile (replaces Game.DownloadFile for cases which require parsing XML - stores destination file in user directory)
    • New Lua API: ARLoadXML & ARSaveXML (replaces CryAction.LoadXML & SaveXML - data file in user directory)
    • Lua API change: ARSubmitPost and ARSubmitGet use new ARDownloadFile API (formerly Game.DownloadFile). The user directory destination file path no longer needs to prepend "%user%/" to file name, as this is handled by ARDownloadFile.
  • City editor no longer loads files from level paths inaccessible to your city (for example, texture files under Levels/AR/Common, which is a very common cause of "missing textures" in submitted cities). Note that the path restriction has always been in place and the editor has previously flagged this as a warning - the editor now makes the errors more obvious so they can be caught and fixed before submission.

Shop Editor

  • Mouse wheel controls camera-to-avatar distance in preview mode
  • Fixed the bug that overwrites display.xml in when opening packed shop data
  • Bug fix: time-of-day-slider was not updated after loading B2C file
  • Automatic loading of preselected shop, as set in .B2S file

Body Editor

  • Support for multiple attachments for Body > Check body in Blue Mars command
  • Optional geometry/texture compression for Body > Check body in Blue Mars command
  • Better error diagnostics when applying body or cloth of wrong gender
  • Human skin shader streamlined, unused parameters deleted
  • Added Display > Depth bias rendering option
  • Fixed the bug that disabled packing with the Make Body UI window closed
  • Added scrollbar to UI panel to accommodate smaller monitors

Furniture Editor

  • Mouse wheel controls camera-to-avatar distance in preview mode (fixed)

Item Editor

  • Optional geometry/texture compression for Items > Check item in Blue Mars command
  • Removed obsolete File > Set project folder menu command
  • Support for custom proxy geometry in Collada converter

Cloth Editor

  • Support for multiple attachments for Cloth > Check cloth in Blue Mars command
  • Optional geometry/texture compression for Cloth > Check cloth in Blue Mars command
  • "AR_hair" shader released
  • Auto-rotate command for avatars, with variable speed
  • Added custom playback speed for test animations
  • Added Display > Depth bias rendering option
  • Added facial expressions to UI panel, for testing facial attachments
  • Added Force visible button to UI panel
  • Added scrollbar to UI panel to accommodate small monitors
  • More female hair styles, male and female facial attachments, gloves, updated inner cloth cages
  • New default outfit for avatars (bikini, shorts)

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