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Use the Customize window to change your avatar's clothes and accessories.

File:BML Customize Window

NOTE: You'll need to login and load your own avatar to use this feature.

Wearing clothes

File:BML Customize Window File:BML Item List Window

  • To put on clothes or accessories, click on an empty slot under a category (Clothing, Shape & Skin, Face, and Makeup).
  • An item list window will open, showing all the items you own.
  • Click on an item to add that item to the slot.
  • To remove an item that's already in a slot, click on that item and then click Remove Item on top of the item list window.
  • To change an item that's already in a slot, click on that item and then click on another item in the item list window.

Arranging clothes

File:BML Customize Window

  • The slots in the Customize window determine how close that clothing item is to the avatar's skin. The top slot is the closest, and the bottom slot is the farthest.
  • To move your avatar's clothing item to a different slot, simply grab the item with your mouse pointer and drag/drop it to another slot.
File:BML Move Slot Window
  • If you are layering a lot of clothes, experiment with putting each item in different slots so that your undershirt is not poking through your jacket, for example.

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