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What is Blue Mars Lite?

Blue Mars Lite is a new, Mac and PC compatible version of Blue Mars.

Installing Blue Mars Lite

You can download Blue Mars Lite from here:
To install, just double-click on the installer.

3D Chat Menu

When you start Blue Mars Lite, these are the menus you will see first.


  • 3D Chat Room: Opens the Google Street View Chat room selection window.
  • My Avatar: Opens the Avatar Window (see below).

Avatar Window Menu

If you are familiar with Blue Mars Mobile, you'll see that most of its menu functions are available in Blue Mars Lite, but arranged differently.
The various menus in Blue Mars Lite can be accessed from the top menu bar or the icon bar.


  • Account: Manage your account.
    • Login
    • Logout
    • My Avatar: Load your avatar (you need to be logged in)
    • Account settings (you need to be logged in)
    • Create a new account
  • Vote: Vote for your favorite avatar fashion.
    • Like
    • Dislike
  • Window: Opens various windows.
    • Avatar Search
    • Chat
    • Customize (you need to login first)
    • Information
    • Item List
    • Item Search


All menu windows in Blue Mars Lite can be moved around and stacked to customize your menu layout.

File:BML window layout

Arranging windows

You can grab and move any open window and place it on different areas of the main window.

File:BML arrange window

Stacking windows

You can put one window on top of another to "stack" them. A tab appears at the bottom of the stacked window. You can stack as many windows as you like.

File:BML stack window

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