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Blue Mars Lite provides many ways to interact and communicate with your friends.


Voting File:BML Vote icons

  • Vote avatars up or down for a chance to place in the top 100 "Top Rated" list!
  • You can only vote once every hour per avatar.
  • Look for periodic contests where winners can earn BLU.

Comments File:BML Comment icon

File:BML Comment Window

  • You can leave comments on other people's profile pages or your own (Note: This is viewable by everyone).
  • Load your own avatar or someone else's, then select Window > Information or click on File:BML Information icon) in the Menu Bar.
  • Click on the Comment tab.
  • Type in your comments (up to 255 characters) and click the Post button.
  • To remove comments, click on the Delete button below each comment.
    • NOTE: In your own Comment page, you can delete any comment. In another avatar's Comment page, you can only delete comments you've posted.

Chat File:BML Chat icon

File:BML Chat Window

  • Friends: You can send private messages to users on your Friends List. You can send Friend requests from another avatar's Information window.
  • Chat Rooms: You can enter a chat room to chat with multiple users in real time.

3D Chat File:BML 3D Chat icon

File:BML 3D Chat Window

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