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One of the main features of Blue Mars Lite is the Street View Chat, where you can place your avatar inside a Google Street View map and walk freely around it. You can jump to any location that Street View is enabled simply by copy/pasting a URL. You can also share the experience with your friends, and organize a virtual tour of different Street View locations.


Getting Started

  • When you first start up Blue Mars Lite, you will be asked to login to your account.

  • Next, you will see a world map with flags indicating different "chat rooms."

  • Select a room from the list on the right, and click on Join to enter that Street View chat room.
  • For example, if you enter "Waikiki," here's what you may see:



  • To look around the Street View map, left- or right-click your mouse button and drag the mouse around.
  • To zoom in/out, turn your mouse's scroll wheel up or down.

Walking around

  • Once you're in a chat room, left-click anywhere on the map to move your avatar freely around the Street View map. The scenery will change as your avatar moves up or down the street.
  • You can go as far as you want, as long as the actual map exists in Google Street View.
Left-click on the map to walk down the street... The scenery moves along... And keeps going!


  • Stretch the window wider for a better view. Make it full screen and you'll feel like you're really there!


  • Enter text in the chat field at the bottom of the screen to chat with others.

  • Click on the Log button on the Menu Bar to show your chat history.
  • Note: The link (green box) shown at the top of the chat log is the Blink for the Street View chat room you are currently in. You can copy and paste this Blink on an email or a website; when others click on the Blink, it will launch Blue Mars Lite (if it's already installed on their computer) and take them to your chat room.

  • You can also trigger avatar animations by using the "/" command in the chat box.

  • See HERE for a list of animations you can trigger with the "/" command.

Avatar Window

  • Right-click on another avatar and select "Show [username] in avatar window" to load that avatar in a separate Avatar Window.

  • To load your own avatar in the Avatar Window, right-click on your own avatar or click on file:BMLite_MyAvatarIcon.jpg on the Menu Bar.

Creating Your Own Chat Room

You can create your own Street View chat room and share it with your friends.

  • Click on file:BMLite_3DChatIcon.jpg on the Menu Bar.
  • When the Room List window opens, click on the Create new room button.

  • The Create new room window will open up.
  • Room Name: Enter the name of your chat room. This will appear in the Room List.
  • Street View URL or PanoID: Copy and paste a Google Street View URL here to take all avatars in the chat room to that location (see below for details).
  • Maximum Room Occupants: Designate how many avatars can be in your chat room (5 to 30).
  • Description: Add a short description of your chat room (example: "Walking tour of the Golden Gate Bridge!").
  • Language: Designate the preferred language in your chat room (this does NOT change the language settings of the Blue Mars Lite application).

Here is a step-by-step guide to creating your own Street View Chat room.

  • Go to Google Maps and search for "Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco."
  • On the map of Golden Gate Bridge, click on the pin and then click on Street View.

  • Once you're in the Street View map, click on the Link button at the top right, and copy the Street View URL.
  • NOTE: Don't check the "Short URL" checkbox, as a shortened URL will not work.

  • Paste the Street View URL in the Street View URL or PanoID window.

  • Click on the Create button, and your avatar will spawn inside the Golden Gate Bridge Street View!

  • To jump to another Street View location, click on file:BMLite_AccountSettingsIcon.jpg and paste another Street View URL.
  • NOTE: If other users are in the chat room with you, they will all be jumped to the new Street View location.

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