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Using this Augmented Reality (AR) mode, you can make your avatar show up in real-life backgrounds.

You can take photos and videos of your avatar in AR Mode, and share it with your friends through Facebook.

  • The AR Mode can not be used on the 1st Gen iPad or 3rd Gen iPod Touch, because they don't have a built-in camera.
  • The iPhone 3GS can not use the Switch Camera button (see "AR Mode Options" below), because it has no front camera.

AR Marker

An AR marker is an image which allows the Blue Mars Mobile app to generate an avatar in real world space.

  • To use the AR markers, you can print out the images below, display it on your computer monitor (or another iOS device), or even draw it on your hand.
AR marker for iPhone
(click for printable PDF version)
AR marker for iPad
(click for printable PDF version)

  • The AR Mode in Blue Mars Mobile will recognize the markers and display your avatar over the marker.
  • You can turn the AR marker and the avatar will turn with it.

How to Use AR Mode

  • Open the Blue Mars Mobile app and load the avatar (yourself or others) that you want to use.
  • Tap the image:BMMobile_ShareButton.png Share button at the top left corner to open the Action Menu.
  • Tap Turn on AR. This will turn on your camera.
  • You will be asked whether or not you want to use the AR marker. If you have the AR marker ready, tap YES.
    • NOTE: If you tap NO, you will still be able to see the avatar in AR Mode, pinch zoom in/out, rotate the avatar and tap the avatar to animate, but the avatar will remain centered on the screen, rather than follow the AR marker.
  • Place the AR marker in various places to snap photos and videos--be creative!

AR Mode Options

  • Photo: Select this option and tap the camera icon to take a snapshot of your avatar in AR Mode.
  • Post Image to Facebook: After you take a snapshot of your avatar, tap the thumbnail on the upper left corner of our screen to add a comment and post the image directly to Facebook. The snapshot will be saved to your Photo Album.
  • Video: Select this option and tap the camera icon to capture video footage of your avatar in AR Mode. Tap the avatar to animate, or move the AR marker around. The video footage will be saved to your Photo Album.
  • Switch Camera: Tap the Switch Camera icon in AR Mode to switch between the front and back camera. You can place the AR marker on your shoulder or head, and use the front camera to take a photo or video with your avatar.

Tutorial and Promo Videos (YouTube)

See a tutorial video on how to use this feature, as well as a fun promo video showing some creative uses of AR.

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