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PAK File

  • Compressed archive format type, A PAK file may contain a number of different file types including graphics, objects, textures, sounds, and other game data.
  • PAK files are read by our game engine in its compressed state.
  • This format is used to minimize memory usage.

PAK Compressor

  • We currently use 7-zip to compress our files into the .pak format required.
    • You can obtain a free copy of it by going to here -->[1].

PAK File Name Format and Contents

World Common

  • Files that are the bare requirements for playing in our world.
  • Files which are used in all attractions.
  • These are the core files required upon installation.

Company Common

  • Files which are shared in more than one attraction made by the same company.

Company Attraction

  • Files used only in a specific attraction. No other attractions use these files.

Format Example

*Using our PAK files shows what all the files PAK'd and ready for submission would look like.


Example shows the following:

  1. Three attractions (AR_BeachCity, AR_Taki, and AR_Golf_SP)
  2. Company Common (AR_Common)
  3. Global Common (Common)
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