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Version 0.0.10521.0

Download links

User Client full installer (351MB)

Changes/Fixes since 0.0.9782.0 (July 15) release

New avatar customization menus

  • The avatar customization menus for clothes and body have been revamped, with a new slot system which allows you to layer on multiple pieces of clothing.


  • Click on the clothes icon Image:Client_ClothesIcon.jpg on the Menu Tray to bring up the Clothing menu.

1. Clothing Slots

  • Grab and drag items from your inventory and drop them into these slots to have your avatar wear them.
  • There are 10 slots, the top slot being closest to the avatar body. This means any item that is dropped into the top slot will have the closest contact with the avatar's skin.
  • You can add any item from your inventory in these slots, even if they are from the same category (like multiple hairs or shirts, for example).

2. Inventory

  • List of clothing that you own. Drag and drop any item from here onto an open slot to wear it. If you drag an item onto a slot that is already occupied, the existing item will be replaced by the new one.

3. Categories

  • Select from the Hair, Shirt, Underwear, Pants, Shoes, and Accessories tabs to view a list of items that belong to each category in the Inventory window.
  • Some clothes icons have a red "T" or "B" on them. This means "Top" or "Bottom," and they indicate items that have been categorized as "innerwear." You will find these in the Underwear tab.


  • Click on the "body" icon Image:Client_BodyIcon.jpg on the Menu Tray to bring up the Body menu.

  • The Body menu works the same way as the Clothing menu. You can drag and drop up to 4 custom bodies, which would then be put on your avatar in layers.

New and improved Welcome Area

  • The Welcome Area has been redesigned, with streaming music, a new stage area, a dance floor, and some beautiful tropical islands!

Chat improvements

  • Private Chat and Local Chat windows are now integrated into one.
  • Drag a user from the Friends List into an existing chat tab to start a conference chat.

"Buy BLU" button added to Menu Tray

  • You can now buy BLU$ for your User account in-world!
NOTE: Since you can now purchase BLU$ in-world, we have removed the Buy BLU button from the User MyPage.
  • Your User BLU$ balance is now displayed in-world, at the top right corner of the window.
NOTE: This can be hidden using the Hide UI command.

New WASD avatar control scheme added

  • You can choose from two avatar control schemes in the Options menu:
    • Default: A, D and left/right arrow keys pivot the avatar in place.
    • Absolute Direction: New control scheme (all directional keys move the avatar immediately in a direction).

Blue pointer cone can now be turned off

  • To turn off the blue pointer cone, go to the Options menu under Controls and click "OFF."

"Always Run" feature

  • Press the "R" key to turn Always Run function on or off. When turned on, the avatar will run even if you click a short distance ahead.

Hide UI command

  • Press Ctrl+H to hide all your UI-- Menu Tray, Exit icon, chat box, Friends List, your avatar's and other avatars' name displays.
  • Press Ctrl+H again to display the UI (NOTE: The chat box and Friends List will not open when you hide the UI and show it again; click the "C" key to open the chat box and the "F" key to open the Friends List.

Export and import cosmetics data

  • You can now export and import your original cosmetics!
  • Export cosmetics data as a .csd file, which can be shared with others and applied to their avatars' faces.

Shop names displayed with overhead view

  • Shop names can now be seen when you zoom out to overhead map view.

"Very High" mode added to Rendering Quality option

  • Very High mode has been added to the Options menu under the Display tab.
  • This setting is recommended for high-spec machines only.
  • In the Options Menu (click the wrench icon on the bottom menu tray or press Ctrl+O), go to Display > Rendering Quality.
  • Features that only work on Very High mode:
    • Motion Blur
    • Depth of Focus
    • Parallax Occlusion Mapping

Microphone Mute/Unmute button

  • A mute/unmute button for your microphone during voice chat has been added to the chat box.
  • With Voice Chat turned ON (in the Options menu), click on the Voice icon (Image:PushToTalk.jpg) next to the chat text box to mute/unmute your voice.

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