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Version 0.81.12154.0 (December 21, 2010)

Download links

User Client full installer (354MB)

Patch from version 0.80.12078.0 to 0.81.12154.0 (1.83MB)

Patches for older versions

Patch from version 0.71.11487.0 to 0.80.12078.0 (15.5MB)

Patch from version 0.70.11409.0 to 0.71.11487.0 (1.81MB)

Patch from version 0.0.11173.0 to 0.70.11402.0 (20.7MB)

Patch from version 0.0.11022.0 to 0.0.11173.0 (1.8MB)

Patch from version 0.0.10601.0 to 0.0.11022.0 (5.92MB)

Patch from version 0.0.10521.0 to 0.0.10601.0 (2MB)

Changes/Fixes since 0.80.12078.0 (November December 17, 2010) release

New Features

Golf Game Updated, Pro clubs available

  • New elements in the Golf Game interface include accuracy, power, and shot result graphics
    • New accuracy and power meters are pictured in the Using clubs in game sectionbelow
    • A graphic indicator of the resulting shot accuracy and power is shown after the ball is hit
Shot results

  • New clubs available
    • A set of clubs purchased in Beach City is used in the Golf Game to improve accuracy as well as to increase reliability on long shot power
    • Each club set comes with a matching bag and can be displayed in a Residence like other furniture items
    • Two sets of Pro golf clubs, Pro I Blue and Pro I Purple are found in the following locations in Beach City
1. The first two shelves on the right side of the "ShopsForItemDeveloper 01" shop
teleport there by clicking the "ShopsForItemDeveloper 01" sign to the right of the Beach City map in front of the white hotel across from the escalator
2. The Golf Clubhouse
click the "Golf Clubhouse" cone on the Beach City map to teleport there

Using clubs in game

A player starts out with either the standard set of clubs, or a Pro set if any exist in inventory. During the first shot a player can change clubs for the round by clicking the Club Set button, making a selection, and clicking Play. Any other club sets in the player's inventory appear as options in the club select dialog.

Club Set button

Club select dialog for avatar with standard clubs (left), avatar with Pro I Blue and Purple clubs in inventory (right)

Pictured above on the left the player has only the standard clubs in inventory. On the right the player has both Pro I Blue and Purple sets in inventory.

Benefit of Pro clubs

Pro clubs improve accuracy. Pictured below, the white cone represents the area of accuracy for the club - the degree to which the shot could be off-center with a slice or hook. See how the Standard Driver compares to the Pro I Driver. The Pro club on the right has a smaller accuracy cone delimiting possible shot angles, so the shot will be more accurate with respect to the aiming direction.

Accuracy zone for standard driver (left), Pro I Purple driver (right)

Pro clubs increase reliability on long shot power, that is, in the red zone of the power meter. On a long shot, the possible outcome for power is represented by the yellow meter inside the power bar. The Pro clubs increase reliability by shrinking the span of this yellow power zone and shifting it higher to allow stronger shots.

Accuracy zone and Power meter for standard 7 Iron (left), Pro I Purple 7 Iron (right)

Item Showcase sample available in Beach City

  • Sit on one of the chairs on the white platform to the right of the spawn point.
  • All items that you are currently wearing will be displayed.
  • Other users can see these items, and they can try on or purchase them on the spot.
  • NOTE:
    • To buy an item from the Showcase, it has to be on sale in a Shop somewhere in Blue Mars at the time. Otherwise, the Buy button will not be active.
    • This is NOT a user-to-user item sales feature--that is, you're not actually selling the items you're wearing. The items displayed in the Showcase are purchased directly from the original developer.

Apartment available in Beach City

  • A sample Apartment just for viewing is now available in Beach City.
  • You can teleport to it from the blue cone in the Beach City map, then clicking on one of the doors in the building.

Beach City spawn point moved

  • The spawn point for Beach City has been moved to the bottom of the escalator.

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