Blue Mars User Client Release Notes July 15 2010

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Version 0.0.9782.0

Download links

User Client full installer (371MB)

User Client patch from version 0.0.9652.0 (1.71MB)

Patches for older versions

0.0.9415.0 to 0.0.9652.0 (8.32MB)

0.0.9006.0 to 0.0.9415.0(5MB)

0.0.8938.0 to 0.0.9006.0 (1.5MB)

Changes/Fixes since 0.0.9652.0 (July 1) release

New Features and Feature Updates:

  • Client stability fixes
  • Fix for frequent crashes in lowspec mode
  • Fix for unintended mouse clicks that sometimes occured when restoring blue mars from the taskbar

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