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Version 0.0.9652.0

Download links

User Client full installer (371MB)

User Client patch from version 0.0.9415.0 (8.32MB)

Patches for older versions

0.0.8938.0 to 0.0.9006.0 (1.5MB)

0.0.9006.0 to 0.0.9415.0(5MB)

Changes/Fixes since 0.0.9415.0 (June 18) release

New Features and Feature Updates:

  • Many new features have been added to the private chat system!
    • Supports clickable hypertext. NOTE: Links must start with "http://".
    • Copy and paste is now enabled using either right click menu or CTRL+C(copy) and CTRL+V(paste).
    • Fixed bug where using any of the WASD keys while private chatting moves the avatar around.
    • Drag a chat tab to create a new window for that chat.
      • Click the "push pin" icon to redock the new chat window with the main chat window.
    • Double Click a friend in the Friends List to open a new chat, or single click to open an options menu.
    • Private chat status icons added:
      • Change your status by choosing one of the options in the drop down box at the bottom of the friends list window.
    • Private chat groups enabled
      • Create a private group by selecting the icon of 2 friends and a plus sign in the upper right of the friends list. Type the name, press "Done"
      • Groups are only saved if they contain friends, otherwise they will disappear when you log off.
      • Friends can be added to a group by left click dragging them from their position on the Friends List to the new Group button on the Friends list. Available groups will get a blue highlight while dragging a friend.
    • Mute/Unmute a member in the friends list to receive or not receive private messages from that user.
      • Open the friends list, expand the group (left-click) where the user is located, expand the user's options (left-click) and then choose Mute or Unmute.

  • Birds-eye view feature enabled: Use the scroll wheel to zoom out to birds-eye view, or hit the CTRL+m keys.

  • Mute other avatars: Right-click on an avatar and select Mute. A big "X" will appear above that avatar's head, and you will no longer receive any communication from that avatar, including voice and animation requests. Right-click again to Unmute. NOTE: Muting in private chat must be done separately (see instructions above).

  • Hair and Shoes are now removable from your avatar.
  • When you open a menu by right-clicking on another avatar, you can now right-click again to close the menu.
  • Command-line options are now supported by the user client.
  • User client now generates a log file (usually at My Documents\My Games\Blue Mars\game.log) to assist in troubleshooting.
  • Voice chat log files have been moved from C:\VivoxLogs to My Documents\My Games\Blue Mars\VivoxLogs
  • City limited clothing items were not being correctly constrained to the designated city. This has been fixed.
  • Shop shelves now display the name of the item.
  • Shop shelves now display the thumbnail image of the item when they are far away from the avatar.
  • Shop shelves now display the download icon while the item is downloading.

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