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Version 0.70.11409.0 (October 29, 2010)

Download links

User Client full installer (354MB)

Patch from version 0.70.11402.0 to 0.70.11409.0 (1.09MB)

Patch from version 0.0.11173.0 to 0.70.11409.0 (20.4MB)

Patches for older versions

Patch from version 0.0.11022.0 to 0.0.11173.0 (1.8MB)

Patch from version 0.0.10601.0 to 0.0.11022.0 (5.92MB)

Patch from version 0.0.10521.0 to 0.0.10601.0 (2MB)

Changes/Fixes since 0.0.11022.0 (September 30, 2010) release

New Features

New default avatar controls!

Avatar movement control has been improved, including double mouse-button press to navigate your avatar while moving. See this document for details.

New camera controls!

Activate this camera mode using the Alt key with your mouse for enhanced camera controls. See this document for details.


Introducing Blue Mars Links, or Blinks: Hyperlinks that can be used inside and outside of the Blue Mars client to transport users to locations within Blue Mars. See this document for more information on how it's used.


You can now lease Residences (Homes only; Apartments to come soon) from the Residence Marketplace, customize it by placing furniture and invite guests over. See these documents on:

Avatar right-click menu!

  • The avatar right-click menu has been totally redesigned! See this document for details on all the enhanced features, including:
    • Profile
    • Your Residence information
    • Jump to your favorite City
    • Emote
    • Buy BLU
    • View Event Calendar
    • Report bugs

Menu tray collapses and can be moved

The menu tray can now be collapsed, and you can also drag and snap it to the top, right, left, and bottom sides of the window.

Voice range extended

The voice range has been extended to 15m, with fade starting at 12m from the speaker.

Purchase window shows item description

When you click on an item in a Shop, the purchase window will now show a description of the item (if the seller has written one).

Options menu features

  • Change your avatar chat bubble color: Open the Options window (Ctrl+O or the Wrench icon image:Client_Option.jpg in the menu tray), go to Options > Chat Bubble > Bubble Color and select the color you want from the color bar.
  • NOTE: This chat bubble color change is also visible to other avatars.

  • A Fullscreen option has been added to the screen resolution list in the Display tab.
  • NOTE: If you go into fullscreen mode from this Options menu instead of the Alt+Enter shortcut key, the original window size will be saved. Once you are in fullscreen mode, press Alt+Enter again and the window will revert to the original size.

Logout faster

When clicking on the Logout icon image:Client_Logout.jpg or the "X" button on the top right corner of the Client window, the Logout dialogue will appear immediately rather than after a few seconds.
Additionally, if you click on the "X" button on the top right corner of the Client window when the Places Browser is open, the Places Browser will disappear and the Logout dialogue will appear.

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