Blue Mars User Client Release Notes September 3 2010

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Version 0.0.10601.0 (September 2, 2010)

Download links

User Client full installer (351MB)

Patches for older versions

0.0.10521.0 to 0.0.10601.0 (2MB)

Changes/Fixes since 0.0.10521.0 (August 27 2010) release


  • Users no longer have to wait as long to log back in after a client crash. Previously the wait time was several minutes, now it is less than a minute.
  • Fixed not being able to start golf from the golf bags in BeachCity.
  • Fixed rendering issues for some items in shop preview mode.

Chat box

  • Scroll bar behavior has been changed so it only auto scrolls when the user enters a message or the scroll bar is less than 15% from the bottom.
  • Text field width has been adjusted. Also made text input box larger to fit two lines of text.
  • < and > characters are now handled properly.

Cloth and body menus

  • Extended the text field heights and set to word wrap for the inventory items. It now supports 3 lines of text.

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