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Fish Setup

The add fish go to /BlueMars/bluemars-client/trunk/CryENGINE2/Game/Objects/AR/Character/animals/ make a new directory fish(and # of name or group) ie: fish2, fish3, fish_bass

In the new fish directory copy all the models, mtl, and textures from fish directory. In photoshop replace the 6 fishes with your new ones. You do not have to use 6 this is just the current setup. Be sure to save the image as a CryTIFPlugin (*.TIF,*.TIF) with Alpha Channels selected. 512x512 res. refer to photoshop setup.

Look at the model in 3Dmax and redo the textures and or modify the model.

Image:3Dmax texturing.jpg

Once you have the texturing done go to /BlueMars/bluemars-client/trunk/CryENGINE2/Game/Scripts/Entities/Boids/ make a new Fish(your name).lua script. Just change the name of Fish to Fish(your name).

Now go to /BlueMars/bluemars-client/trunk/CryENGINE2/Game/Entities/Common/ make a new Fish(your name).ent file. Just change the name of Fish to Fish(your name).

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