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Character Rig Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is the Locator_Locomotion controller set up, and what is the use of it in the engine?

A: The Locator_Locomotion bone is used for animation driven motions like walk and run cycles, and determines the velocity. We derive the animation from its parent, the root bone. The Z (forward/backward) translation of it is the only attribute that should be keyed. It is usually keyed at the origin (0,0,0) in the first frame and wherever it ends up in the last frame. (In Max, you can key Locator_Locomotion and set the Position Space to Body (under Key Info > Prop). This will allow Locator_Locomotion to automatically follow the root bone. There is more information about setting up the Locator_Locomotion at step 12 in the Motion capture data pipeline article. For animations that don't move, such as idle standing loops, you just need to key it at the first frame.

Q: I saw your rig and the one that comes with the original SDK examples that eyes are separate geometry and are placed as attachments in the editor is that correct?

A: Our final animations will be driven by a body cage deformer, including the eyeball animations. So the eye bones won't be used.

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