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Creating and uploading a City to Blue Mars

With the City Editor fired up, lets begin creating your first City in Blue Mars.

1. To start, click File / New. The resulting pop-up box will give you several options to choose from to create your City.

2. Under Level Name, you will first input your City name in the form of CompanyCode_CityDataPath. For CompanyCode, use the Company Code that you chose when you purchased your City, and for CityDataPath use your City Data Path which you also chose during your City purchase. As you can tell, within this example folder, the City we have used is named TESTER_TestCity05 where TESTER is the Company Code, and TestCity05 is the City Data Path.

NOTE: If you choose to develop your City before purchasing a City hosting plan, you will still need to choose a Company Code and City Data Path to start building your City in the City Editor. This is perfectly fine, but just be aware that when you are ready to purchase your City hosting plan, the Company Code and City Data Path you have been using to build your City may already be taken by someone else. If this happens, you'll need to purchase a hosting plan with a new Company Code and/or City Data Path, and then change your City's asset directory to use the new Company Code and Data Path. See HERE for a tutorial on how to do this.

3. You can now choose to either use our template level (which has pre-made roads, a Block, and some vegetation made for you) or create your own level. If you decide to make your own level from scratch, you will have to decide how big your heightmap is and how many meters per unit this level is (Please note that the 8192x8192 resolution has been removed from creating a new City to avoid terrain-size related problems). Once in game and if you are unhappy with how the size of your level came out you can always change it by going to Terrain > Resize Terrain (for advanced creators the 8192x8192 resolution option is available here).

4. So once you've decided on the name of the City and just how big you'd like it to be, click "OK" and Blue Mars will create a folder under your Levels directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\Blue Mars City Developer Tools\Game\Levels) and you will be greeted with this screen:

5. Your location right now is under water and looking at the edge of your City. The two entities you see are the SpawnPoint and ARDefaultCamera. The spawn point is where you initially enter the level, and the ARDefaultCamera is the camera used to ensure you are at a third person view during the game (removing it will place you in a first person view for your level). The only thing that you will want to keep in mind is that you will need to move your SpawnPoint to where you want players to spawn in your level once you have created some terrain.

6. In this tutorial we will not cover how to build/modify/edit your terrain because there is a lot of information about this in the Guidebook, on the Developer Forum and 3rd party documents. Here is one suggested reading for some basic terrain editing.

7. Now once your level has been created and you are satisfied with the way things look, it is time to prepare your City for upload to our server. As a City Developer you will want to create some Blocks that are able to be rented out to other users, or for your own personal use. These Blocks can be used for creating Shops or for creating a Residence. To do this head on over to the RollupBar and under the objects tab, click Area and for Object Type, Shape

8. With Shape selected, move on over to your City and left click to place the beginning of your Block. Move the mouse over to the next edge of your shape and left click again, continue this until you have defined the area you would like to make as your Block (In general creating a square box is ideal, however the choice is up to you). Once you reach the last border of your Block, double click to end the process of creating an area shape.

9. Over on the RollupBar set the height of your AreaShape to around 30 and click the checkbox to enable DisplayFilled. This will highlight your AreaShape and give you a better visual aid to how big you would like your Block to be

10. With the shape still selected, go to the BlueMars tab and select Make > Make new block from selection. Give your Block a name and check the box to either allow/disable the ability for whoever rents the land to edit the terrain.

11. Continue this process until you have created the maximum number of Blocks allowed by the type of City you have purchased (

12. Now with all your Blocks created, you are ready to go to the next step. You can now export your Block data to upload to our database, and then either lease out those Blocks to other Developers, or use them yourself to set up Shops and Residences.

Files used for reference: File:TESTER

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