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Clothing Menu

The clothing menu allows users to mix and match up to 10 cloth items worn by their avatar.


1. Clothing Slots

  • Grab and drag items from your inventory and drop them into these slots to have your avatar wear them.
  • There are 10 slots, the top slot being closest to the avatar body. This means any item that is dropped into the top slot will have the closest contact with the avatar's skin.
  • You can add any item from your inventory in these slots, even if they are from the same category (like multiple hairs or shirts, for example).

2. Inventory

  • List of clothing that you own. Drag and drop any item from here onto an open slot to wear it. If you drag an item onto a slot that is already occupied, the existing item will be replaced by the new one.

3. Categories

  • Select from the Hair, Shirt, Underwear, Pants, Shoes, and Accessories tabs to view a list of items that belong to each category in the Inventory window.
  • Some clothes icons have a red "T" or "B" on them. This means "Top" or "Bottom," and they indicate items that have been categorized as "innerwear." You will find these in the Underwear tab.

  • To access the clothing menu, click the Clothes button found in the main toolbar.
  • Clothing is placed on to the avatar by dragging and dropping items from the clothing inventory list to the slots just left of the list.
    • Restrictions: Female avatars must wear one inner top and inner bottom item. Male avatars must wear one inner bottom item. Inner wear items in the slots will not be removable if these conditions are not met. However, inner wear items may replace worn items if they are the same type.
  • The slots can be roughly thought of as layers of clothing. Items placed towards the top of the menu will be interpreted as being worn closer to the avatar's body while items placed closer to the bottom slots are interpreted as being further from the avatar's body. So, if some clothing items are poking through each other, then placing them further apart in the slots may help alleviate this issue.
  • Access different categories in the clothing inventory list by selecting the tabs on the right of the menu. From top to bottom, the categories are
    • Hair
    • Outer tops
    • Inner wear
    • Outer bottoms
    • Footwear
    • Accessories
  • Close the clothing menu by clicking the darker handle on the left most side of the menu.
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