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Console commands and variables for Material Effects

See also Physics Proxy Setup and Material Effects XML files

Command: mfx_Debug
type: int
current: 0
help: Turns on MaterialEffects debug messages. 1=Collisions, 2=Breakage, 3=Both

Command: mfx_Reload 
help: Reload MFX Spreadsheet

Command: mfx_ReloadFGEffects 
help: Reload MaterialEffect's FlowGraphs

variable: mfx_Enable 
type: int
current: 1
help: Enables MaterialEffects.

variable: mfx_EnableFGEffects 
type: int
current: 1
help: Enabled Flowgraph based Material effects. Default: On

variable: mfx_ParticleImpactThresh 
type: float
current: 2
help: Impact threshold for particle effects. Default: 2.0

variable: mfx_pfx_maxDist 
type: float
current: 35
help: Max dist (how far away before scale is clamped)

variable: mfx_pfx_maxScale 
type: float
current: 1.5
help: Max scale (when particle is far)

variable: mfx_pfx_minScale 
type: float
current: 0.5
help: Min scale (when particle is close)

variable: mfx_RaisedSoundImpactThresh 
type: float
current: 3.5
help: Impact threshold for sound effects if we're rolling. Default: 3.5

variable: mfx_SerializeFGEffects 
type: int
current: 1
help: Serialize Flowgraph based effects. Default: On

variable: mfx_SoundImpactThresh 
type: float
current: 1.5
help: Impact threshold for sound effects. Default: 1.5

variable: mfx_Timeout 
type: float
current: 0.2
help: Timeout (in seconds) to avoid playing effects too often
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