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Console variables and commands for the profiler.

This is an example with "profile 6".


variable: profile 
type: int
current: 0
help: Enable profiling.
Usage: profile #
Where # sets the profiling to:
	0: Profiling off
	1: Self Time
	2: Hierarchical Time
	3: Extended Self Time
	4: Extended Hierarchical Time
	5: Peaks Time
	6: Subsystem Info
	7: Calls Numbers
	8: Standard Deviation
	-1: Profiling enabled, but not displayed
Default is 0 (off).

variable: profile_allthreads 
type: int
current: 0
help: Enables profiling of non-main threads.

variable: profile_callstack 
type: int
current: 0
help: Logs all Call Stacks of the selected profiler function for one frame

variable: profile_filter 
type: string
help: Profiles a specified subsystem.
Usage: profile_filter subsystem
Where 'subsystem' may be:

variable: profile_graph 
type: int
current: 0
help: Enable drawing of profiling graph.

variable: profile_graphScale 
type: float
current: 100
help: Sets the scale of profiling histograms.
Usage: profileGraphScale 100

variable: profile_log 
type: int
current: 0
help: Logs profiler output

variable: profile_network 
type: int
current: 0
help: Enables network profiling.

variable: profile_pagefaults 
type: int
current: 0
help: Enable drawing of page faults graph.

variable: profile_peak 
type: float
current: 10
help: Profiler Peaks Tolerance in Milliseconds.

variable: profile_sampler 
type: float
current: 0
help: Set to 1 to start sampling profiling

variable: profile_sampler_max_samples 
type: float
current: 2000
help: Number of samples to collect for sampling profiler

variable: profile_smooth 
type: float
current: 0.35
help: Profiler exponential smoothing interval (seconds).

variable: profile_threads 
type: int
current: 0
help: Enables Threads Profiler (should be deactivated for final product)
The C++ function CryThreadSetName(threadid,"Name") needs to be called on thread creation.
o=off, 1=only active thready, 2+=show all threads
Threads profiling may not work on all combinations of OS and CPUs (does not not on Win64)
Usage: profile_threads [0/1/2+]

variable: profile_weighting 
type: int
current: 0
help: Profiler smoothing mode: 0 = legacy, 1 = average, 2 = peak weighted, 3 = peak hold.
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