Converting animation from the IK rig back to FK

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Once you have made the necessary tweaks to the animation using the IKFK rig, you will need to convert it back to an FK only animation before importing it to the game. This is very simple:

1) In the Navigator, go to the Character Settings and click on Plot Character...
Image: MoBu_convert_IKFK_FK-01.jpg

2) Then, click on Skeleton...
Image: MoBu_convert_IKFK_FK-02.jpg

3) Make sure these settings are like below, and then click on Plot. You can actually play around with the Smart Plot settings if the animation doesn't look right after plotting. It is a good idea to save multiple versions of the file so that you don't have to worry about undoing if the animation doesn't look right.
Image: MoBu_convert_IKFK_FK-03.jpg

4) If there are any pops in the animation, they can be fixed by clicking on the bone that's popping, looking at the FCurves and finding the pop. It will usually be a keyframe or two that's not following the natural flow of the animation graph. Simple delete the odd key and the animation will automatically interpolate and should look much better.

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