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The geometry of your interior consists of floors, walls, ceilings, and doors. It's really that simple. I'll refer to those as types of geometry.

Each type of geometry needs to be exported as separate objects, all must be physicalized and all must be water tight. (By watertight I mean if you poured water inside of a wall it wouldn't leak out because there is no bottom or backside).

WaterTightFile:WaterTight.jpg Not Water TightFile:NotWaterTight.jpg

Depending on your needs (whether you want to reuse walls etc...) you may either export all of the walls together as a single mesh, and same with floors and ceilings. Or you may wish to export each wall as a separate object. Either way will work.

There are a few important notes here. The surface of the floor which we will be placing furniture on must face straight up (floors should be flat and horizontal in other words).


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