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Current Bugs and Testing Status Reports

Testing Status Report

Report is updated daily at Noon. Please have all reports submitted by noon of each day through mantis. All pages will be updated and assigned upon receipt.

Last Revised: 12/18/2008

Case NumberCategoryReported byDate ReportedSeverityAssigned ToIssue SummaryStatus
86 Taki michael 12/12/2008 minor Pressing 'j' key causes yellow ball to appear. new
85 Taki michael 12/12/2008 major How to exit the Taki level? new
84 Taki michael 12/12/2008 major Crysis movement commands only in Taki new
83 Taki michael 12/12/2008 minor Enter Vehicle icon is a Crysis asset new
82 Taki michael 12/12/2008 major The message window to Exit Waterfall Tour randomly appears new
81 Taki michael 12/12/2008 minor Cut scene unexpectedly activated new
80 Taki michael 12/12/2008 minor Crysis crouch and prone commands are still active new
79 Taki michael 12/12/2008 major Right mouse button activates "sniper" mode new
78 Taki michael 12/12/2008 major Left mouse button "fires" off red Replace Me squares new
77 Taki michael 12/12/2008 major Replace Me in tree shadow new
76 Taki michael 12/12/2008 major Mouse movement causes camera rotation when entering level new
75 UI michael 12/12/2008 major Cursor stuck in Blue Mars Online window when loading scenes new
74 Material / Texture michael 12/12/2008 minor Blurry (lo-res) texture maps on activity selection boxes new
73 Object andrei 12/12/2008 minor red blocks are falling on my head new
72 Material / Texture michael 12/12/2008 minor Red edges on floating game/city/activity boxes new
30 Login michael 12/9/2008 minor niwa Cannot change login password resolved
43 Customization michael 12/9/2008 minor niwa Save vs "Close" in Avatar Customization resolved
71 Character andrei 12/10/2008 crash crashed while standing under water new
70 Taki administrator 12/10/2008 minor scott falling leaf texture missing resolved
69 Navigation li 12/10/2008 major can't select an attraction in the lobby new
68 Navigation andrei 12/10/2008 feature can set the travel target in 1st person view new
67 Character andrei 12/10/2008 minor skinning problems around shoulders new
66 UI michael 12/10/2008 major Cannot select a different level, after choosing Ignore new
65 feric 12/10/2008 major can't stop at target spot new
64 UI michael 12/10/2008 text Popup window message for entering Taki level needs change new
63 Other (Specify so I can add it.) li 12/10/2008 major Multiplayer Golf and Match Making new
62 Login andrei 12/10/2008 minor spinning and zooming during login new
61 Other (Specify so I can add it.) li 12/10/2008 major rendering artifact at the lobby in the 2008-12-10 build new
60 UI michael 12/10/2008 major Camera can be positioned such that the scene is upside-down new
59 UI michael 12/10/2008 major Camera can be rotated under the spawn room floor new
58 Character michael 12/10/2008 major Black avatar new
57 Character michael 12/10/2008 major No hair on avatar new
56 UI michael 12/10/2008 major Recording TimeDemo new
55 Object toru 12/10/2008 minor orange ball in hotel new
37 UI michael 12/9/2008 minor Camera icon and red circle icon? new
54 Character bryce 12/10/2008 minor Shorts are worn backwards for female Aloha clothes new
53 administrator 12/9/2008 major Middle Mouse Buttons gets you Crysis menu still new
52 feric 12/9/2008 block can't get out from room at hotel right wing. new
51 Taki administrator 12/9/2008 major You cannot move once in the Taki level. new
50 Navigation andrei 12/9/2008 minor broken escalator new
49 Customization michael 12/9/2008 minor Lighting problems in Avatar Customization room new
48 bryce 12/9/2008 crash Phone booths error new
47 Customization michael 12/9/2008 major Closing the Avatar Customization screen does not return avatar to spawn room new
46 Customization michael 12/9/2008 major Cannot zoom in/out, rotate view, etc. in Avatar Customization new
44 Customization andrei 12/9/2008 minor too close new
45 Customization michael 12/9/2008 minor No undo or reset button in Avatar Customization new
42 Customization michael 12/9/2008 minor Bouncing text in Avatar Customization item name new
41 Character andrei 12/9/2008 minor talking while walking? new
40 Item magnolia 12/9/2008 minor chat bubbles far from head when sitting in chair -- hard to tell who chat bubble belongs to new
39 Customization michael 12/9/2008 minor Cannot reposition Avatar Customization screen new
38 UI michael 12/9/2008 minor Invisible character icon new
36 Other (Specify so I can add it.) tim 12/9/2008 minor Not all objects become translucent when between the player and camera new
35 Customization michael 12/9/2008 major Cannot edit avatar body shape new
34 Login andrei 12/9/2008 minor why golf? new
33 Login michael 12/9/2008 minor Avatars spawn on top of each other new
32 Customization michael 12/9/2008 minor Cannot edit face with body new
31 Customization michael 12/9/2008 major Cannot re-edit Face Customization? new
29 Character andrei 12/8/2008 minor hit the wall, do happy dance new
28 Material / Texture andrei 12/8/2008 minor hair shader new
27 Navigation andrei 12/8/2008 block trapped on a terrace, can't move in any direction new
26 andrei 12/8/2008 minor went through a palm-tree new
25 Customization michael 12/8/2008 minor Cannot reposition the Face Customization screen. new
24 Customization michael 12/8/2008 text “ADVANCE MODE” should be “ADVANCED MODE” new
23 Customization michael 12/8/2008 feature Option to change lighting on face new
22 Customization michael 12/8/2008 feature No hairstyle option new
21 Customization michael 12/8/2008 feature Cannot move face view up/down, or zoom in/out. new
20 Customization michael 12/8/2008 minor No undo feature in face customization new
19 Customization michael 12/8/2008 text Text jaggies new
18 Customization michael 12/8/2008 minor Fuzzy images new
17 Customization michael 12/8/2008 tweak Dimmed selection faces new
16 Customization michael 12/8/2008 minor Main window refresh failure new
15 Login michael 12/8/2008 block Windows Security Alert new
14 Login michael 12/8/2008 trivial Cannot copy-and-paste temp password from email to Password field new
13 Login michael 12/8/2008 text Forgot password? - more information new
12 Login michael 12/8/2008 text Text error in "Forget password?" feature new
11 Login michael 12/8/2008 minor Dancing login panel new
9 Other (Specify so I can add it.) toru 12/3/2008 minor Product version new
8 Other (Specify so I can add it.) magnolia 12/3/2008 minor if customize avatar while using item (sitting in chair), avatar doesn't appear in fitting room new
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