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Here are the new features and updates to the Developer MyPage for this release.
NOTE: If you don't see the announced feature changes to your Developer MyPage, try logging out, or clearing your browser's history first.


Upload .CTY file command added

You can now upload your City file and Common.cty file from your Developer MyPage!

  • Go to PROPERTIES > City > Leased Cities. Highlight your City and select Upload .CTY file from the pull-down menu.
  • The Blue Mars City Data Uploader will open.
  • Add your City file and Common.cty file and click on Start Upload to upload your City to us.
  • Once the upload is complete, you should receive an email notification. Avatar Reality will also be notified of the upload, and will begin the QA on your City.
  • NOTE: This uploader is for your .CTY files only. You'll still need to email with your thumbnail image and updated City description. Please read Uploading Your City for details.

Apartment interior upload enabled

You can upload Apartment interiors from the CONTENTS > Upload Content dialog window:


Apartment management commands added

Various commands related to managing your Apartment has been added.
Please see this document on leasing out Apartments for details on these commands.

  • Under PROPERTIES > Block > Leased Blocks:
    • Manage Apartment: Use this to manage the Apartments you've placed on your Block.
      • Edit Apartment: Edit the Apartment Archetype, or the original copy, of your Apartment.
      • Lease Out: Lease out your Apartment to the Residence Marketplace. You can specify how many copies, or suites, of your original Apartment you want to lease out.
      • Set Up Residence:
  • Under PROPERTIES > Block > Residences:
    • Remove Apartment: Remove an Apartment suite, decreasing the number of suites available by 1.

Residence column modified

Under PROPERTIES > Block > Residences:

  • Added DbUniqueId column. This is the Residence ID that shows up in your Block Editor if you've added Residences.
  • Rearranged column to be consistent with the Shops and Blocks tabs. Only the Residence Name column is now locked.

Re-upload .BLD file command available with tenants present

You can now use the Re-upload .BLD file command even if there is a tenant on that Block.

Property owners can change rent price without evicting tenant

  • Landlords can now use the Edit Property command to change the rent on a Block/Shop/Residence without evicting the tenant first.
  • Once the rent price is changed, an email is sent to notify the tenant that the landlord has changed the rent price. The tenant will then have the option to a) contact the landlord to negotiate, or b) terminate the lease.
  • NOTE: Landlords CAN NOT change the rent within 48 hours before a rent auto-payment occurs.

Sub-categories removed when uploading furniture

  • In the CONTENTS > Upload Content dialogue, if you select "Furniture" from the Category pull-down menu, the Subcategory field will disappear, as this information will now be included in the asset.xml file created by the Furniture Editor, set by the Function menu.

Email notification for expired lease

  • When a City/Block/Shop/Residence lease terminates due to non-payment, an email notification will be sent to the tenant and the owner.
  • Once a property lease expires due to non-payment, it's status is the same as that of a property whose lease has been terminated by the tenant or owner. As such, the property owner will receive another email once the property is ready to be leased out again.

Shop Interior ID matches Content Item ID

The ID numbers in the Interior ID column in PROPERTIES > Shop > Leased Shops now match those displayed in the Item ID column in the CONTENTS page.

  • In Leased Shops:

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