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Here are the new features and updates to the Developer MyPage for this release.


Cash out BLU now available

  • You can now cash out your Developer BLU!
  • Go to ADMINISTER > Sell Currency.
  • Enter your PayPal account email address (where the money will be deposited) and the amount of BLU you want to sell.
  • Click Submit on the confirmation screen. You will receive an email (sent to your Developer account email, NOT your PayPal email address) confirming receipt of your cash out request. We will review your account for authenticity and available balance, and process the payment within 3 business days.
  • NOTE: Any Developer BLU earned through the sale of items or leasing of property will be subject to a 30-day holding period before it can be cashed out. You can check how much of your BLU balance is available to be cashed out by looking at the Usable BLU Balance field.

Increased file size limit for property files

  • .B2C files: Up to 10MB
  • .BLD files: Up to 250MB (a warning will appear when the file exceeds 25MB)

Uploader feature added to Upload .BLD File (Add Block) and Upload .B2C File

  • You should now see a progress bar when uploading .BLD and .B2C files

Allocating Shops to each Block

  • As a City Developer, when you run Add Block to your City or Edit Properties to Blocks you are leasing out, you can now allocate how many Shops to be placed in each Block.
Up to 25 Shops can be allocated per Block, with each Shop containing up to 10 Shelves.
Image:AddBlock2.jpg Image:DevMyPage_EditProperties.jpg

IMPORTANT NOTE: Here is how the allocation system works:

  • If you have an Outpost, the resource limits are 10 Blocks, 50 Shops, and 500 Shelves.
  • For performance reasons, a Block is limited to 250 Shelves.
  • When a Block is added to a City, in order to allocate Shelves to the Block, you have to allocate Shops (see Add Block screenshot above). When you allocate one Shop to a Block, you automatically allocate 10 Shelves to that Block as well. The allocation ratio of 10 Shelves per Shop is fixed.
  • So, if you want a Block to have 250 Shelves, you have to allocate 25 Shops to the Block. You can’t allocate one Shop and 250 Shelves to a Block. However, once you have allocated 25 Shops and 250 Shelves, you (or your Block tenants) can use them however you/they want.
  • For example, even though you have 25 Shops allocated to the Block, you (or your Block tenants) could choose to put 250 Shelves in one Shop and not use the other 24. The 24 unused Shops do count towards your overall 50 Shop allocation, however.
  • This allocation can be changed by using the Edit Properties command (see Edit Subleased Block screenshot above).

Overwrite Block name when re-uploading .BLD File

  • If you want to change the file name of your .BLD file, run the Re-Upload .BLD File command and check the Change Name box.
When you upload the .BLD file, the old file name will be overwritten.

Shop tenants can edit Shop name

  • Once you lease a Shop or use it by yourself, you can change the Shop name which is displayed in Blue Mars.
Image:DevMyPage_RenameShop.jpg Image:DevMyPage_RenameShopDialogue.jpg

New LOD categories added to Content Upload dialogue

  • 2 New categories have been added to the LOD pull-down menu in the Category field of the Upload Content dialogue.
    • LOD2 Belt(lod2_accessory)
    • LOD2 Gloves(lod2_accessory)
  • Also, "LOD2 Pants/Skirt(outerbottom)" has been changed to "LOD2 Skirt(outerbottom)"

Change company member roles

  • If you are an Administrator in your company, you can now change the roles of your company members.
  • In ADMINISTER > Company Members, highlight a member and select Change Developer Role.
  • From the pull-down menu, select a new role for that member and click Change.
  • Check the letter under the ACL column to confirm that the member's role had changed.
  • For details on the various permissions associated with each company role, go to Developer Roles.

Additional email notifications

  • You will now receive email notifications for the following events:
    • When a Block is leased (emails sent to both new tenant and landlord)
    • When a Shop is leased (emails sent to both new tenant and landlord)
    • When a Block tenant is evicted (emails sent to both tenant and landlord)
    • When a Shop tenant is evicted (emails sent to both tenant and landlord)

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