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Here are the new features and updates to the Developer MyPage for this release.
NOTE: If you don't see the announced feature changes to your Developer MyPage, try logging out, or clearing your browser's history first.

Archive released items

  • You can now archive items that have been released but unused in Blue Mars.
  • NOTE: You can only archive items that have been RELEASED BUT NOT CURRENTLY SOLD IN A SHOP SHELF.
  • In the CONTENTS page, select an item with the status RELEASED.
  • From the left pulldown menu, select Archive. This will change the item's status to ARCHIVED.
  • NOTE: If you've sold this item before but are no longer selling it, you can still archive it and it will NOT disappear from the inventory of another user who had purchased it before.
  • Now, when use "filter item view by status" function (mentioned below) and check the "RELEASED" filter box, you will only see items that have been released to Blue Mars AND are actively being sold in Shops.
  • You can re-release an archived item by highlighting the archived item and selecting Release from the left pulldown menu.

Filter item view by status

  • If you have a lot of items in your CONTENTS page, you can now filter them by status so that you don't have to scroll through multiple pages to find your item.
  • In the CONTENTS page, you will see a series of checkboxes for each status an item can be in:
    • PACKED
  • Check the appropriate box to display only the items with that status in the list below.

View item operation history

  • When you double-click on an item, in addition to its detail information, you will now see that item's operation history (like "uploaded item"), if it has any.
  • The information available in the History view are:
    • Created
    • Category
    • Comment
    • Developer ID

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