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Here are the new features and updates to the Developer MyPage for this release.
NOTE: If you don't see the announced feature changes to your Developer MyPage, try logging out, or clearing your browser's history first.


Residence Management Features

The following commands can be used for your Residences that you use for yourself or lease out to other users (if you're a City Developer). They are found in PROPERTIES > Block > Residences:

  • Edit Properties
  • Lease Out
    • To Marketplace
    • Cancel Marketplace
  • Evict Tenant
  • Use By Myself
  • Set Up Residence
    • Set Item
    • Remove All Items

The Set Up Residence commands are used to place furniture items inside your Residence, to pre-furnish it.

Residence allocation system implemented

As with Shops, the City Developer can set the number of Residences (Single Family Homes and Apartments) in each Block.

Allocating Residences to each Block

  • As a City Developer, when you run Add Block to your City, or Lease Out and Edit Properties to Blocks you are leasing out, you can now allocate how many Residences to be placed in each Block.
Image:AddBlock2.jpg Image:DevMyPage_EditProperties_Residence.jpg

IMPORTANT NOTE: Here is how the allocation system works:

  • The maximum number of Residences you can have in a City is determined by your City hosting plan.
  • Guests: Guests are users you can register in a "guest list" to allow access to your Residence. See HERE on how to register guests.
    • Each Residence requires a minimum capacity of 2 guests, plus yourself, for a total of 3 occupants.
    • The maximum number of guests per Residence is: 49 + owner = 50, regardless of how the Residences are allocated, and regardless of your City hosting plan.
    • The maximum number of guests allowed per City is as follows:
      • Outpost: 100 x 3 = 300
      • Village: 1000 x 3 = 3000
      • City: 5000 x 3 = 15000
    • Based on the above maximum guest count and the minimum occupancy requirement (3) per Residence, here are 2 possible allocations of Residences in an Outpost:
      • 6 Residences with capacity for up to 50 guests
      • 100 Residences with capacity for up to 3 guests

City-default Item option added to Content Upload menu

  • NOTE: This feature is available only for developers with CITY hosting plans or higher. It is not available for VILLAGE and OUTPOST hosting plans.
  • If you upload City-specific content, and your hosting plan is "City" or above, you will also see a Default Item check box. Checking this box will make your item both City-specific and a City default item, meaning anyone that enters your City will see this item in their inventory.
  • Please see HERE for more details on City Default items.

Animation Upload feature

You can now upload your custom animations to Blue Mars.


Once your custom animations pass QA, you will be able to put them in your Shops to sell.

Description text in Content Upload dialogue will show up on purchase window

The item description that you enter when you upload your content will appear on the purchase window.


Item ID column added to Shelves > Set Item dialogue window


Block status changed

The Data Status column for Blocks you've leased or leased out to others now show the following status, to more accurately show the state of that Block:

  • BLD UPLOADED: The City Developer has uploaded a new or updated .BLD file for that Block. If you are a Block Developer leasing that Block, you should run "Download .BLD File."
  • B2C UPLOADED: The Block Developer has uploaded an updated .B2C file for that Block. If you are a City Developer, you should run "Download .B2C File."
  • B2C DOWNLOADED: The City Developer has downloaded the updated .B2C file for that Block. If you are a Block Developer leasing that Block, it means your updates are being reviewed by the City Developer before it gets incorporated into the City for release in Blue Mars.

Billing History displays most recent transactions first

  • When you first open the Billing History page, the newest transaction will be displayed at the top by default.

Thumbnail image size changed from 400x400 to 512x512

  • All thumbnail images generated by ALL Editors will now be generated at 512x512.
  • Developer MyPage will continue to accept 400x400 images for the time being. However, a black border will be added to such images. In the future, this may cause your uploaded assets to be rejected by QA.



  • Lists will no longer scroll to top after running commands like Shelves > Set Item, Evict Tenant and other commands.

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