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In order to create your own custom designed T-shirt, we provided a template data as part of our Developer Toolkit. This page will show you how to use it.

Who should read this?

If you have experience with 2D drawing or painting but not so much with 3D modeling, you should read this page.

Setting up

Choose a gender

In order to make T-shirts, you'll first need to decide a target gender for the T-shirt: Male or female.

Find the T-shirt template

You can find the pre-packaged data in the /MyData/ folder, which you can access from a Desktop shortcut. In this tutorial we are going to make a T-shirt for a female avatar, so we will access the



Open template

In order to see the T-shirt you need to open the /MyData/EasyTshirtFemale/TShirt.chr file from the [File] -> [Open] menu in the Cloth Editor.

Then, click on the Attach button to attach the T-shirt template to the avatar.

Now your are ready to paint your T-shirt.

Painting the T-shirt texture

To paint the T-shirt, you need to open the PaintMe.dds file with your favorite paint tool.

If you modify the PaintMe.dds file, then the Cloth Editor will recognize that the file has been updated, and it will reflect the change in 3D view immediately.

Preparing the file for submission

In order to submit your T-shirt data, you need to prepare 2 files named icon.jpg and itemdata.zip. Both files can be created directly from the [Cloth] menu in the Cloth Editor.

To create icon.jpg:

To create itemdata.zip:

Submitting your data

Now you are ready to submit your data.

Additional information

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