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Flash movies can be displayed in Blue Mars in a variety of ways:


To get started with the Flash Overlay, see the Flash Overlay Quick Start and the FlashOverlay reference.

To get started with the HUD, see the Basic HUD Example and also the Golf example and the HUD reference.

To create an ARFlashObject in the Editor, see ARFlashObject.

To assign a Flash texture to a material in the Material Editor, see Flash Material


HUD Flash Overlay ARFlashObject Flash Material
runs in the Editor Yes No Yes Yes
positioning 2D coordinates (0-1) and docking/stretching 2D coordinates (pixels) entity position entity position
Actionscript version AS2 AS2 and AS3 AS2 and AS3 AS2
Flash sound No Yes Yes No
Key Input HUD.HandleFlashKeys Yes No No
Mouse Input HUD.HandleFlashEvents Yes No No
Actionscript calls Lua fscommand ExternalInterface No No
Actionscript called from Lua HUD.InvokeFlashMethod FlashOverlay.callMethod No Entity.MaterialFlashInvoke
Actionscript variables set from Lua HUD.SetFlashVariable No No No
Web access No Yes Yes No
transparency HUD.SetFlashAlpha (0-1) adjusts background FlashOverlay.setTransparency(0/1) keys on black No background
click-through HUD.MaskFlashEvents No No No
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