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All HUD Elements are designed to have common functionality so that users can customize their interface. With some exceptions (mentioned below) all HUD Elements have the following features

Dragging a window

To drag a HUD Element you can Left Click on the blank area at the top of the HUD Element, then holding left click, move the mouse until the HUD Element is in the position you would like it, then release left click.


When you drag one HUD Element close to another one (within 10 pixels to be exact) they will snap together, if you continue to drag the HUD Element it will unsnap from the other one.

Safe Frames

The client contains a "Safe Frame" which will not allow you to move a HUD Element off of the screen. If you drag a HUD Element so that only 20 pixels of it are still visible the Safe Frame will automatically stop your movement until you bring your mouse back inside of the Safe Frame.

Resizing a Window

To resize a HUD Element left click the triangle of dots in the lower right corner of it, then drag until it is the size you want and let go of the left click.

Closing a Window

To close a HUD Element left click and release the "_" icon in the upper right corner of it.

Multilanguage Support

When keyboard input is required HUD Elements allow IME input allowing you to use alternate language and alternate layout keyboards.


  • Resizing disabled for Main Menu, Body Menu, Clothing Menu, Animation Menu, Buy Blu, and Right Click Menu.
  • Dragging disabled for Body Menu, Clothing Menu, Animation Menu, Buy Blu.
  • Closing uses different methods in Body Menu, Clothing Menu, Animation Menu and Buy Blu.

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