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The House Inventory menu allows Residence owners to access furniture items and interiors for decorating and changing the interior models of their Residences. This menu becomes available whenever you enter your Residence.

File:HouseInventory MainUI.jpg

To open the menu, right click on the front door of the Residence's interior.


File:HouseInventory furnitureBtn.jpg The furniture tab button displays the user's furniture items. These items are organized into subcategories by their type. The item's type is set by the furniture creator. When the furniture tab is selected, the following subcategory buttons are displayed:
  • File:HouseInventory seatsBtn.jpg - Seats
  • File:HouseInventory surfacesBtn.jpg - Surfaces
  • File:HouseInventory ornamentsBtn.jpg - Ornaments
  • File:HouseInventory lightsBtn.jpg - Lights

File:HouseInventory AvailableCopies.jpg The number of copies available for a furniture item is displayed in the lower right corner of the item's thumbnail. If the number of available copies is 0, then the item cannot be placed in the Residence from the inventory.
Placing Furniture Back Into House Inventory
To place a furniture item back into your inventory, right-click the furniture item, select Decorate and then Remove.
File:HouseInventory retrievingFurniture.jpg
To place all furniture items in the current Residence back into your inventory, change the Residence's interior.


File:HouseInventory interiorsBtn.jpg The interiors tab button allows Residence owners to access the list of their interior models. These models can be used to change the interior of the house they are currently occupying.
If you change your Residence's interior model, then all avatars and furniture items will first be removed. Avatars will be spawned at the interior's entrance, and furniture items will be placed in your house inventory.
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