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The steps to lease an Apartment is pretty much identical to those used to lease a Residence (Single Family Home). You will use the Residence Marketplace to search for Apartments, login with your User account, and pay the first and last months' rent.

Finding Apartments

In the Residence Marketplace, you can tell whether a property is a Residence or an Apartment by looking at the Room Type in your search results.

  • ARResidence: Residence
  • ARApartment: Apartment

Suites Available

The Apartment owner may have created multiple suites within the same Apartment building. In this case, the number of suites in that Apartment that are available at that price will be shown in the Suites Available field.


Managing your Apartment

After you've leased your Apartment, you will enter it through a clickable "Door" that is located in the City and Block indicated in the Marketplace listing.
Once you're inside, you can use the same Residence controls to furnish and decorate your Apartment, or to manage your access list.

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