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In order to lease Residences in Blue Mars, you will be using the Residence Marketplace.
The Residence Marketplace is a Website for users to lease Homes and Apartments from City Developers.

In this site, City Developers can put up a Home or Apartment for lease from their Developer MyPage (see Leasing Out Residences for details). Once the properties are listed in the Marketplace, other users can rent them from the Marketplace.

How to Use the Residence Marketplace

Search for a Residence

The Recently Added Properties section displays the latest Homes or Apartments that have been added to the listing. Click on a property to view its details.

Use the Residence Search window to search for listed Residences using the following criteria:

  • Block, property, production name
  • City
  • BLU Price Range

View Details

Click on a Residence from the Recently Added Properties window or your search results to view the Residence details.

If you want to lease the Residence and you have enough BLU balance in your User account, click on the Lease this Property button.

Lease Property

Login using your User account email and password.


Once you login, a confirmation screen will be displayed.
Click on Confirm or Cancel.



  • All rent payments for Residences will be in BLU.
  • When you first lease a property, you will need to pay the first and last month's rent up front. Make sure you have enough BLU in your User Account (not your Developer Account) to cover two months of rent. You can add BLUs to your User account by purchasing it in-world, or if you are a Developer, by transferring BLU from your Developer account to your User account in the Developer MyPage (go to ADMINISTER > Company Members, select yourself and choose Transfer BLU from the pull-down menu).
  • Once you have leased the Residence, your monthly rent (as designated by your landlord) will be automatically deducted from your User account every month.
  • To stop automatic rent payments, use the Avatar Right Click Menu to terminate the lease on your Residence.

Managing your Residence

You are now ready to enjoy your new home! Customize it with purchased furniture or invite guests for a house party.
After you've successfully leased the Residence, you will need to go to the location of that Residence in Blue Mars to enter it.
NOTE: In the future, you will be able to use Blinks to jump directly to your Residence. For now, you will need to know the City and Block where your Residence belongs to, as well as its image, in order to find it in-world. This information is available on the Residence Marketplace.

You can use the Avatar Right Click Menu to manage various aspects of your Residence, including guest access control and rent payment (if your monthly automatic payment fails).

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