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In order to lease Shops and Blocks in Blue Mars, you will be using the Shop/Block Marketplace.
The Shop/Block Marketplace is a Website for Developers to lease Shops and Blocks from other City and Block Developers.

Image: ShopBlock_Recent.jpg

In this site, City Developers or Block Developers can put up a Block or Shop for lease from their Developer MyPage (see Leasing Out Blocks and Shops for details). Once the properties are listed in the Marketplace, other Developers can rent them from the Marketplace.

How to Use the Marketplace

To Lease Blocks

1) Search the site for Blocks you want to lease.

Recently Added Properties
Displays the latest Shops or Blocks that have been added to the listing. Click on a property to view its Details.

Block Search
Image: ShopBlock_BlockSearch.jpg
Search for listed Blocks using the following criteria:
  • Block Name
  • City
  • BLU Price Range
  • Sublease: Show only Sublease Allowed properties, or Sublease Restricted properties, or both. See below for details.

2) Click on a Block from the Recently Added Properties window or your search results to view the Block details.

If you want to lease the Block and you have enough BLU balance in your Developer account, click on the Lease this Property button.
NOTE: If a Block's Detail View says Sublease: Restricted, that means you will NOT be able to lease any Shops or Residences you build on that Block to a third party. You can only use those Shops by yourself, and the Residences can only be rented by yourself (using your User account, through the Residence Marketplace).

3) Login using your Developer account email and password.

NOTE: Your Developer account "type" must be either Administrator or Creator to be able to login and lease Shops and Blocks. You can check your Developer type by going to the Developer MyPage and viewing Home > Account Info > My Developer Information.

4) Once you login, the Blue Mars Block Developer Terms of Service Addendum will be displayed.

Review the Agreement and click on Agree to the above and lease this property, or Cancel.
NOTE: When you first lease a property, you will need to pay the first and last month's rent up front. Make sure you have enough BLU in your Developer Account (not your User Account) to cover two months of rent. You can add BLUs into your Developer account from your Developer MyPage: Go to Administer > Buy Currency.

5) After you've successfully leased the Block, it will show up on your Developer MyPage, in the PROPERTIES > Block (left tab) > Leased Blocks tab.

You are now ready to set up Shops and Residences on your new Block!
To learn how to set up a Shop, please see the tutorial on Setting up a Shop as a Block Developer.
To learn how to set up a Residence, please see the Residences Tutorial.

To Lease Shops

1) The process of leasing Shops is pretty much the same as Blocks, with some differences in the property details.

Shop Search
Image: ShopBlock_ShopSearch.jpg
Search for listed Shops using the following criteria:
  • Shop Name
  • City
  • Shelf Number: The number of shelves assigned to a Shop.
  • BLU Price Range

2) Once you've found a Shop you want, go through the same steps as leasing a Block to lease that Shop.

3) After you've successfully leased the Shop, it will show up on your Developer MyPage, in the PROPERTIES > Shop (left tab) > Leased Shops tab.

You are now ready to edit your Shop and put items in it for sale!
To learn how to set up an interior and Shelves in your Shop, please see the tutorial on Setting Up a Shop as a Content Creator.

Paying Rent

Here's how the rent payment works for Block and Shop leases:

  • All rent payments for Blocks and Shops will be in BLU.
  • When leasing a property for the first time, you will need to pay for 2 months' worth of rent (first and last month), so be sure you have enough BLU in your Developer account to cover the cost.
  • Once you have leased the Block or Shop, your monthly rent (as designated by your landlord) will be automatically deducted from your Developer account every month.

Paying Rent Manually

If you don't have enough BLU in your Developer account at the time of rent payment, you will receive an email notification saying that you do not have sufficient BLU to cover the transaction. If that happens, you can take the following steps to make one month's rent payment:

  • Log in to your Developer MyPage and go to ADMINISTER > Buy Currency page.
  • Using your credit card or other payment options, purchase enough BLU to cover your rent payment.
  • Go to the PROPERTIES > Block > Leased Blocks (or Leased Shops) tab, highlight your Block (or Shop), and select "Make Payment" from the pull-down menu.
  • Follow the instructions on the dialogue window to deduct enough BLU from your account to pay for one month's rent.

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