How to convert an animation from Collada (.dae) to .dba

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Animations in the game must be in the .dba format. Our conversion tools can take an exported Collada (.dae) animation from either Maya or Max and convert it into a .dba format. Once you have exported the animation, run these commands (example animation file is anim.dae):

bmImportCmd.exe anim.dae anim.caf
This will convert the .dae to .caf.
Image:Convert DAE to DBA-01.jpg

bmConvertAnim.exe -baseModel Female00 anim.caf
This will convert the .caf to a .dba. If this is for an animation on the male avatar, replace “Female00” with “Male00” in the command as so:
Image:Convert DAE to DBA-02.jpg

bmConvertAnim.exe -baseModel Male00 anim.caf
This will delete the .caf file once the .dba has been created. You can then open that in the Character Editor to see how it will look in game.

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